Monday, June 22, 2015

//MZK: Audiak - Roy Batty [Dubstep/UK Garage/Future Bass]

My first impression upon listening to this was 'Oh, they still make actual dubstep?' Then, upon realising my ignorance, I retreated into the knowledge that the likes of Kahn and Esgar are still out there bumping some proper sub into the scene. Skanky track though.

Friday, June 19, 2015

//VIDSPCL: Alex Jones and My Not-So-Deep Dystopian Thoughts

Alex Jones, in many ways, isn't too far off from born-again muslims that teeter on the boundaries of Jihadism. Sort of like my former-stepfather who happened to call me a few weeks ago on my day off (Like I have any of those?) and try to dissuade me from going to France by calling me an infidel, a drug-dealer and a whore-monger. The fact that I was chilling at a pool with half-naked girls and flying high on a bunch of pills at the time didn't discourage me from intellectually battling him by hanging up the phone. Not that Half-naked girls constitutes them as whores or me wilting away on drugs make me a drug dealer but..I don't remember what my point was. Why'd mom have to marry such a weirdo?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

//MZK: Falcons- Aquafina (Feat. Goldlink) [Future Bass/Rap/Trap]

One day you're chilling and listening to their Free downloads via a new hot podcast no one's heard of. The next they're on Fool's Gold Rec with some dank fire.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

//SCISPCL: Mindsplosion- Milk Is Not Good For You?

Never trusted this dude
I've been reading about this for quite a while (meaning a handful of questionable web pages) and the nerdy word on the street is that, even little-to-not-processed cow milk is actually not-so-good for most animals, let alone mankind. As a big supporter of the white gold and a former avid consumer of titty-milk I will be first to say that this breaks no one's heart like it does mine. Everything I've come to know about the world has been a lie, everything is topsy-turvy and I can never really look at food the same again. Now, not all dairy products are bad- yogurt is shown through studies to actually help aging and bone strength but the original deal seems to do the opposite such as:

- Cause inflammation in many parts of the body (all milk)
- Offset the effects of many carcinogens (all milk)
- create stomach problems (all milk)
- weaken bone density (mid/high processed milk)
- encourage many types of cancers, including colon and ovarian (all milk) and
- is the reason why your girlfriend doesn't want to do it from behind after a bowl of cereal (all milk)

I'm not saying we should ban milk but maybe this is the best time to fulfill my life-long dream of shooting it all into space to create a literal milky way.

Sources and Reading Material:
This huge page without its own domain name

//VID: Masked Sex Vigilantes Fucking Down The System?

Your guess is as good as mine. I'm guessing Sexarchy? We should come up with a name for this.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

//QCKSPCL: Video Game Of The Day- Ball In A Small Pool

Evan sure has great ideas- why not play around with a big ball in a pool (There's some sort of sub-contextual joke I'm not getting here isn't there?). I'm not being sarcastic, even. The physics in this pool is actually kind of cool. If only Evan had the wit to include a bikini-clad babe to go with that ball.  Check it out for yourself: