Tuesday, August 5, 2014

//FLM RVW: Godzilla- We're Prepped For The Nuclear Holocaust Now

What can a Summer Pop-Corn flick like this year's Godzilla teach the young and, relatively, perceptive inward mind? Well, quickly put into an answer:  I think the western world is pretty ripe for the new round of scientific surge- and all the destruction that comes with it. Please do keep in mind that both I and the makers of the film go on to include Japan in this ideal futuristic world that Godzilla  is attempting to roar into existence. The titular monster- Godzilla, or rather 'Gojira', has reared its bear/cat-like head to absolve everyone of their sins and exact hard nuclear ass-beating on.... other nuclear-reliant creatures of a similar kind. But not really. It's going to be hard to not sound Anti-'Murica in this post but trust me when I say that I'm trying really hard to balance out exactly what I'm seeing in this movie. Also keep in mind I've only had the pleasure of watching a handful of the original Toho films.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

//FLM RVW: Need For Speed- Racing Ethics

The following is a checked list of things it takes for a car flick to be good:

-Auto-porn grade top-of-the-line cars (check)
-Morally-evangelical smart ass behind the wheel of an American Muscle (check)
-Morally-Evangelical smart ass behind the wheel of a Super car(check)
-Auto-porn grade cutie that's dying to jump the Morally-Evangelical smart ass (check)
-Conveniently placed entourage to help when are needed for the plot to progress (check)
-Butthut (yes, like Pizza hut for butts) Dickface to hate for all the bad things that happen in the movie (check)
-Menacing but adorably clumsy authority figure to outmaneuver  (check)
-Society to flip the middle finger to (check)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

//MZK VID: Pitchfork- Majical Cloudz- Turn Turn Turn

//NEWS SPCL: Israel is 'Removing The Gloves Against Hamas'

Hope you don't mind me getting a bit political here as I digest this news story. The phrase 'Removed The Gloves Against Hamas' is sort of a funny thing to hear because as far as I can tell (as a, relatively, oblivious news reader)- Palestinian 'Militant' groups have been having their asses handed to them for quite a while. Hell, here are some stories of raids over Palestine here, here and here illustrating ways these 'gloves' have sort of been off for a while now. And this has been happening despite of any shelled attacks on Israel.

Also as we have, by now, established the definition of what a 'Militant' is (anyone over 18) we're now looking at a story of people that are, simply just, being killed. One should not take this as proof that I am pro-Palestine or any of the such (because as far as I'm concerned, I don't take sides). This quick article only exists to give a quick demonstration on how to quickly and critically analyse news stories. Also, real quick- anyone else think it's in hilariously bad taste to edit this news bulletin with Samsung's financial state?

MZK: Randomer- Huh

//DCMNTRY VID: Vice Profiles- The Guardian Angel of Guatemala

This is kind of messed up and it shouldn't play on the strings of a villain...but it does. A quick look into the routine of Guatemala City's busy ambulance patrolmen.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

//MZK VID: Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band- Don't Worry, Kyoko [Protopunk]

The best Surfer Punk you'll hear this year.

//MZK MIX: The Ransom Note- Ulrich schnauss [Synthwave/Ambient/Futuristic/Experimental/Avante Garde/New Wave/I have no fucking idea]

Again, here I come to save the drone-schedule you call your day with something refreshing and rather out-there future mix. I can lie and try to summarise this as some sort futuristic psychedelic-soundtrack experience but some parts get so corny that it's hard to think of it that way. It's awesome. Here's more on this dude:


Your welcome, as always.