Friday, September 20, 2019

/NWS/ Can African Leaders Jump Another President?

World, none of this talk about Justin Trudeau being racist surprises me. I say this as an African who's visa to Canada has been denied twice even though I have more commas in my bank account than the average Canadian citizen (sans Chinese). You know how racist your government has to be to deny visas to an African person WITH money? For all we know the whole of Canada knew of all the blackfaces their cracker-ass president has put on over the years. There is probably more that we don't know about. He might be doing it on Canadian television right now. Any person from there that I've talked to doesn't seem too shook about it, that's all I'm saying.

The question is: now what? This isn't something we can just forget about like it's an especially unfunny joke on Bill Maher. This is serious shit. The kind of shit that people get stabbed over. Now that Africa is Nu-Africa and all Canada is good for is telling us to hit the streets, we might have some reservations about how we want our leaders to handle dealing with this man.  I'd imagine our leaders are in a pickle. I know, for sure, that Hamdok is because he's the current Prime Minister of Sudan which is the most wokest African country (recognise). No matter how big the aid package to Sudan is, you kind of can't let it go that this white-boy is a serial black-face offender. An African leader needs to put on whiteface in the very least if not a full out war. We'd definitely lose but it's the statement that matters. The Chinese would never do this to us. They're smarter than that. I wouldn't be surprised if we see the Chinese president stepping up to claim that he'd never do anything to disrespect the black diaspora. Although this, of course, would be a lie because there's no racism like Chinese racism.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

/MZK/VID/ GMCFOSHO Has The Most Important Message Of Our Time

An incredible analysis into the African American mindset amidst the most turbulent social backdrop yet.

Monday, January 21, 2019

/SPCL/NEWS/ Cauc Murican Kids Probably Shouldn't Be Laughing At An Old Native

I only say 'Probably' because I don't know if I would have done any differently in that position. But you can tail that to the many years of 8chan I was exposed to as a teenager. I am nearing 30 now (Ikr?) and I am way more aware of the kind of the global wypipo bullshit I need to feed into or risk being sent to Sudan where I might have nothing to do but take a page out of my dad's book and sell bread on the black market. This is something I don't want to happen, obviously. An American teenager does not need to think about being sent to Africa. Actually, I'd argue a white teenager in Africa would possibly have a better advantage over the society than he/she would in America. My Ivorian friend says I would probably get all the pussy where he's from and even be talked to with respect by the police on the basis that my skin color is closer to white people's. Let alone if I were actually white in Africa.Think about that for a bit: Will Smith is basically white in the Ivory Coast. But all this is beside the point.

This is just more a testament to the amount of privilege C.Americans get away with if we think about it. The MAGA movement is, in large part, moving troll and racist culture out of the internet dungeons and out into AFK spaces where people can actually see your face. Who else can get away with just making white news media more money by being absolutely ignorant? That's being said even if they didn't ask for a Native American to come up to them. How do I even begin to process this? The video that is the main talking point of  the webs right shows a group of off-duty Anti-abortion Catholic School students in town (Washington D.C.) laughing at an old Native American at the Lincoln Memorial. In the backdrop should also be Black Hebrew Israelites- a very western subculture made of Angry and confused African 'Muricans trying to culturally appropriate Jewishness. It's these very confused black folk that were originally instigating a very heated confrontation with the MAGA kids. Very little is talked about and shown in regards to these brothers because the news media isn't going to air black people that have tried to read world history books. This is why Kanye West is allowed to talk about history with very a large amount of coverage- nobody has to worry about Kanye West making sense or dropping insightful information on anyone because he can't read. It's safe to say that Americans have lost their minds. They have white MAGA kids traveling across states to the capital to protest women's rights at a time when the president is, literally, holding the country hostage. Talk about a priority problem.

Im not going to let the world News media's in this case slide either. It's apparent that they haven't had their hands on a story like this since a white kid drove into people at a Neo-Nazi rally about a year and a half ago. Now that was the kind of story that sells even to people that can't read! I was in Kuwaiti prison at the time and it was in all the papers. In contrast, I doubt half the people in my life are aware that France is about an inch away from a civil war. White people sell a buttload. They sell even more so when they're racist. That's something that warrants a thinking about.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

/MZK/ Deadcrow- III - Album Review (Wave/Witch House/ Dark Trap/Dubstep)

Deadcrow...Either a really cool or really cliche nod to the 90s Fetish era that may or may not mentally conjure an image of the late Brandon Lee in a trenchcoat... depending on which way you want to look at it. This music however doesn't really start or end around 90s goth but it's soul might as well be rooted there- the same with all Wave music, really, which tends to feel like how kids looked at Sega as the cooler SNES during the days when white people were still relatively happy. You can look at Wave not so much as a type of Synthwave but its cooler younger relative.

The euro-sound pack is all here, the retro 90s synths, the goa-acid arpeggios, the thumpy filtered drums straight out of dubstep, the deep basslines, the shuffly hats- all organised a la 010s post-witch house half-beat at mid-tempo speeds. Well, Mid-tempo is a stretch but these days anything south of 160 BPM is mid-tempo. This album can get pretty loud. Like 808-and-Nightmares loud but, for the most part, it stays around Wave music loud. A comfortable, tight and Rhythmic kind of loud that harkens to 008 era EDM.

While the dubstep-ishness of this album is what makes it appealing (it seems that most wave-producers such as Brothel. and Da Vosk Docta emphasise their distance from Dubstep by way of subdued drums and short timing), Dreadcrow's semi-casual reliance on the dubstep formula can also hold back the make up of the tracks. Experimentation is limited in order to make the tracks more suitable for a DJ to throw into a set, which is a good or bad thing, depending on where you come from. The uniformity of these tracks, while great for cohesion, limits how emotive the tracks could have been but thankfully the short run-time of the release helps points out what's good about this album. Not to mention the intro, outro and last two tracks on the album help push and diversify the pace on the thing.

It's not everyday you come across a good, solid and whole Wave-music release. Especially one that is honest as to where it comes from, even though it could technically make it sound just a tiny bit dated. But I think as time goes on Deadcrow's III album can hold up as an ode to EDM-era music as well as a solut to goth-dance subculture, one that works in and out of a dance-floor.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

/VID/MZK/ Martin Hazy- Start An Opp (Norwegian Trap/Music Video)

Don't speak a word of Norwegian but my friend is managing this guy and I told him I'd help him promote it. It sounds pretty hype anyway. Hope yawl enjoy.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

/K+/MZK/ Medikul- HOME001 EP (Out via Homemade Music)

Where do I begin trying to figure out what to call this EP? Broken Bass? Future Beats? Ambient Bass? Trip Hop? Ambient Brainfeeder A La Flying Lotus? Its genre-breaking quality is only surpassed by how the music sticks together albeit seemingly made out of off-sync elements. The drums, made out of distinct and recognisable sounds roll together into an unworldly being- not unlike how Flying Lotus would do it but Benjamin takes the time to to make sure even as they surf at a low speed each sound fits in and out where its supposed to be. There's no speed to cover up for the rash and offbeat nature of the drums like in most of Brainfeeder's releases but instead each sound is micromanaged.

The EP might start out with what seems as the most ambitious reach into Medikul's trickbook and while the other few tracks carry on the make up of non-sync drums with a frosting of touchy-feely melodies and vocal harmonies, things only become more lush and melodic as he begins to unwind techniques and influences. You can definitely hear some Bjork and DJrum influences on the second track 'Notes', Burial-era dubstep on the third and Boards of Canada on the forth. That's not to say it goes from being ambient to being harsh, on the contrary, it keeps its laid back attitude throughout the record and yet your attention is never let go of. Artificial-sounding instruments are rarely heard. This is sound engineering at it's finest. From Downtempo, glitch to dubstep and future garage, Homemade Music (nottingham-based) has put out something truly exquisite (despite its slow and short-timed nature). It might not be for those who are uninterested in the technical wankery and lack of spontaneous 'fuego' energy behind most of this kind of memory music but for those, like me, who grew up on Ninjatune- this will feed that hunger that you didn't even know that you had for heartfelt outsider music.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

/MZK/K+/ CH4INS4W- 3D Island (Seapunk, Vaportrap, Hardcore, Footwork/Juke)

Ch4ins4w, Toronto's most eclectic and outsider artist doesn't fail to deliver some really out there mushroom tripping, acid dropping, video game busting RPG clonk type vibes with this album. 3D Island is a hella uncomfortable but memorable dive into an exotic world only a person going through a morphine trip on video games could create.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

/SPCL/ Kanye, Trump & Yanderedev Are The Same Kind Of Animal

It's only as I start typing this that I realise my assumption you know (or give half a shits) about Alex Mahan might be a little too enthusiastic. So to effectively inform and educate anyone not in the loop: Alex Mahan is a man two years my elder that is developing a Japanese-style role playing game named Yandere Simulator, 'Yandere' being the media term the Japanese give to psychopathic anime girls on a mission to gain the love and affection of aloof males. Not exactly aimed at achieving GTA-levels of gameplay or anything, Mahan (going by Yanderedev) set out to build his pet-project years ago but never delivered. Stuck lounging on a proverbial hammock and keeping Yandere Simulator in a state of Limbo, it seems that he's more enamored with the enthusiasm of the eager fanbase of otakus willing to watch him play video games every night for 4 hours which is something I'd love to make a living off of too. How he was able to amass such a cult following and sustain it through such a troubled development cycle is beyond my own fathomability seeing how he appears to have the charisma of someone that has never talked to an adult. He's been using Unity and store-bought assets to develop his video game which is like when rappers buy their beats off of Youtube. He's also been exposed to have huge amounts of unorganised and useless code scattered throughout the source of Yandere Simulator, being blamed as the main reason why the game's test versions suffer from buggy performance. This is okay when it is the source to a blog but for a video game it's detrimental to be on-top of your shit. fixing all the issues related to the backend of this game would need returning to the drawing board. This, and his questionable sexual-proclivities (not unlike me), are mainly what keeps him from ever completing his video game and instead grace lolcow archives around the internet.