Sunday, October 11, 2015

//MZK MIX: Command Strange- Inform Mix #017 [Liquid/Drumnbass]

Oh god, it's been too long since I last listened to Command Strange. I'm not surprised that he's still at the liquid drumnbass thing. It's almost as if a higher power demanded he do it. The tracks he chooses never fall short of sublime and his mixing seems to be, at this point, near surgical.

//MZK: A.Fruit- Summer Snow [Footwork/Bass/Juke]

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

//FLM RVW: Quentin Dupieux's 'Reality' and Dream Cinema

We have effectively left reality. If art imitates life then Mr. Oizo's latest film, Reality, portrays a world where things don't make sense any more. It's a line of these movies really; Reality, The Editor and Turbo Kid. These movies aren't just synth-backed and totally disconnected from what we've come to know. But they're probably the most interesting things I've watched this year. But what makes all this even stranger is that these movies seem more grounded in waking life than most of the time I spend awake. Dream cinema cements my opinion that life is, indeed, stranger than fiction.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

//MIX: Relapse Records Podcast #36 - August 2015

Ohshi. Who knew that Relapse Records had their own podcast? I didn't. Someone should tell me these things. Well, actually, that's what I'm supposed to do. Isn't it? Click here or 'Read More' to see the playlist.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

//EDUVID: David Fincher Cinematics

A nice little insight into the artistry behind, probably, the most visionary film director of our time. Mostly stuff for aspiring film-makers. I know there's a shitload of you out there.

Friday, August 14, 2015

//NEWSVID: Kuwait Ministry of Interior Releases Batshit Video of Hidden Terrorist Stockpiles

In, about, the weirdest thing I could stumble upon is this beautifully put-together video by Kuwait's Ministry of Interior documenting all the 'Terrorist Cell Stockpiles' they gathered after a nation-wide crackdown. Three suspects had confessed to being a part of, said, terrorist cells and had given up the whereabouts to arsenals of weaponry big enough to make Sarah Connor blush. After digging up each suspects home they were able to gather about 19,000 kg of ammunition, 114 kg of TNT and other explosives. Hmm.

//EDUVID: Brazil Is Corrupt, Surprise

//MZK: Rebound X- Rhythm 'n' Gash (Landlord's House Coat Remix) [Juke/footwork/Tech/Bass]

Just incase you're goth but you still do that fast thing with your feet.

//MZK: Neon Indian- Slumlord [Synthwave/Chillwave/future funk/House]

Thursday, August 13, 2015

//SPCLRVW: Only I Am Allowed To Rip Apart Terminator: Genisys (Which Isn't That Bad BTW)

Okay, so... Terminator: Genisys. I want to watch this movie again but I'm scared I'm destined to despise it. Hate was not my original reaction to this movie and the whole theme of 2015 is me trying to be more positive. You can tell it's working, right? Either my standards for movies have flushed themselves down the toilet or a collective mind shift has completely passed me by. I enjoyed how this movie played itself out.  Arnie isn't too old and bloated to do, at least, a bit of physical acting. Though, being how old he is and wearing the sunglasses/leather jacket combo can be bit distracting sometimes. That scene with him slowly stepping out of a drifting police car, anyone?

This is a permanent memory now, thanks.