Sunday, May 31, 2020

/Musicians Protest Too/ Post Malone Will Not Waste His Platform & Stands With George Floyd

Austin Richard Post AKA Post Malone has voiced his concern over the riots and even though he has been trying to distance himself from social media in order to protect his mental health, he now sees that it wasting a platform as big as his is terrible. Post Malone gladly is anouncing he stands with George Floyd

/Musicians Protest Too/ David Guetta Has A Dream

EDM superstar, David Guetta, fully understands that the wold is going through a difficult period at this moment in time. To honor the legacies of both George Floyd and Martin Luther King Jr. he has premiered his latest track utilising a vocal sample of MLK's famous 'Had A Dream' speech to intro his most politically charged house track yet. Shout out to his family.

/Musicians Protest Too/ Goths Listen To POC

Like the first paragraph states, this article took two years to put together and release.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

/SPCL/NEWS/ Ruby Rose Was Probably Fired For Hating The Shit Out Of Her Job

Ruby Rose "Batwoman" Casting Controversy | Know Your Meme

I missed out on watching the first season of Batwoman despite it popping up on my radar and me having a thing for conventionally attractive women that sport themselves in a manner so traditionally masculine. Come to later find out this series had the edgy 21st century radfem sensibility to market itself as 'not made for old white men'. Call me stupid but as far as I can tell teenagers and 20-something year old lefties don't watch anything that isn't on Youtube, if anything at all. I'd argue that they, generally, might not even know how to read let alone the headlines they made with their campaign.

Someone should fire the marketing expert that thinks it's a good idea to try and make money off the type of people that do nothing but spend hours on twitter angry about shit like other people making money, further making twitter money. I'm quite un-sure what demographic this show was supposed to capture but this strategy doesn't seem to be boding so well. To try and research I checked out some of the clips on Youtube and, well:

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

/MZK/ Securiy DJ- Domestic XS [Techno/electro]

I was going to write about this particular track earlier but I got swept away by other things. That and the release it's supposed to be wasn't out yet. This is one of the few tracks form the Gessafelstein-school of French tech that I do enjoy, though. Worth a listen.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

/MZK/ Nikki Nair- Slug [electro/breakbeat]

This isn't a new song to shine a spotlight on but just a way of me letting you know that I'm making use of this brand by promoting music on the youtube. Please subscribe if you dig what you see, hear and want more.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

/NEWS/ Discount Coup Failed in Venezuela: Who Should Be Embarrassed?

See now, this is the kind of bullshit regular people have to go through all year around. I don't think there's a more apt way of defining global working class than to have C.Americans trying to fuck your government while he/she already has his/her dick own your throat. I'm no philosopher but this might just be the essence of the Western way. And I'm not being hyperbolic, even during a financially and socially tumultuous decade when you'd think the U.S. and Russia would be minding their own business and trying to get their shit together- here they are doing the exact opposite. Since 2010 the U.S. and best friend Russia have been publicly known to be involved in at least 4 coups in developing countries. And my count says there have been at least 35 internationally so who knows how many of those the mang let some bills loose from their wallets for. Goons, guns and armor don't buy themselves ya know.

Which brings us to this: How embarrassing. And I don't mean embarrassing to the mercenaries caught, the American people or even the Trump administration. This should be embarrassing to President Maduro and the Venezuelan government for taking over a year to capture, what has to be, the most incompetent paramilitary force ever sent to undermine a country's regime. Maduro now has to explain why it took his military so long to squash a small gang of white men when they were within Venezuelan borders tweeting about it like they were on Spring Break. This is a mess.

We are only a few months away from Trump announcing to all that his term in office has been nothing more than a social experiment he's orchestrated to film the most elaborate Youtube video of all time and there is nothing anyone, let alone Maduro, can say to prove that he is wrong. I don't think there is a big of a prank as having your nemesis pay their bodygaurd plus sixty Florida men to come all the way to your country just to bother you during a pandemic and this is a reality the Venezuelan president is currently looking at. 

Friday, September 20, 2019

/NWS/ Can African Leaders Jump Another President?

World, none of this talk about Justin Trudeau being racist surprises me. I say this as an African who's visa to Canada has been denied twice even though I have more commas in my bank account than the average Canadian citizen (sans Chinese). You know how racist your government has to be to deny visas to an African person WITH money? For all we know the whole of Canada knew of all the blackfaces their cracker-ass president has put on over the years. There is probably more that we don't know about. He might be doing it on Canadian television right now. Any person from there that I've talked to doesn't seem too shook about it, that's all I'm saying.

The question is: now what? This isn't something we can just forget about like it's an especially unfunny joke on Bill Maher. This is serious shit. The kind of shit that people get stabbed over. Now that Africa is Nu-Africa and all Canada is good for is telling us to hit the streets, we might have some reservations about how we want our leaders to handle dealing with this man.  I'd imagine our leaders are in a pickle. I know, for sure, that Hamdok is because he's the current Prime Minister of Sudan which is the most wokest African country (recognise). No matter how big the aid package to Sudan is, you kind of can't let it go that this white-boy is a serial black-face offender. An African leader needs to put on whiteface in the very least if not a full out war. We'd definitely lose but it's the statement that matters. The Chinese would never do this to us. They're smarter than that. I wouldn't be surprised if we see the Chinese president stepping up to claim that he'd never do anything to disrespect the black diaspora. Although this, of course, would be a lie because there's no racism like Chinese racism.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Monday, January 21, 2019

/SPCL/NEWS/ Cauc Murican Kids Probably Shouldn't Be Laughing At An Old Native

I only say 'Probably' because I don't know if I would have done any differently in that position. But you can tail that to the many years of 8chan I was exposed to as a teenager. I am nearing 30 now (Ikr?) and I am way more aware of the kind of the global wypipo bullshit I need to feed into or risk being sent to Sudan where I might have nothing to do but take a page out of my dad's book and sell bread on the black market. This is something I don't want to happen, obviously. An American teenager does not need to think about being sent to Africa. Actually, I'd argue a white teenager in Africa would possibly have a better advantage over the society than he/she would in America. My Ivorian friend says I would probably get all the pussy where he's from and even be talked to with respect by the police on the basis that my skin color is closer to white people's. Let alone if I were actually white in Africa.Think about that for a bit: Will Smith is basically white in the Ivory Coast. But all this is beside the point.

This is just more a testament to the amount of privilege C.Americans get away with if we think about it. The MAGA movement is, in large part, moving troll and racist culture out of the internet dungeons and out into AFK spaces where people can actually see your face. Who else can get away with just making white news media more money by being absolutely ignorant? That's being said even if they didn't ask for a Native American to come up to them. How do I even begin to process this? The video that is the main talking point of  the webs right shows a group of off-duty Anti-abortion Catholic School students in town (Washington D.C.) laughing at an old Native American at the Lincoln Memorial. In the backdrop should also be Black Hebrew Israelites- a very western subculture made of Angry and confused African 'Muricans trying to culturally appropriate Jewishness. It's these very confused black folk that were originally instigating a very heated confrontation with the MAGA kids. Very little is talked about and shown in regards to these brothers because the news media isn't going to air black people that have tried to read world history books. This is why Kanye West is allowed to talk about history with very a large amount of coverage- nobody has to worry about Kanye West making sense or dropping insightful information on anyone because he can't read. It's safe to say that Americans have lost their minds. They have white MAGA kids traveling across states to the capital to protest women's rights at a time when the president is, literally, holding the country hostage. Talk about a priority problem.