Sunday, August 16, 2015

//MIX: Relapse Records Podcast #36 - August 2015

Ohshi. Who knew that Relapse Records had their own podcast? I didn't. Someone should tell me these things. Well, actually, that's what I'm supposed to do. Isn't it? Click here or 'Read More' to see the playlist.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

//EDUVID: David Fincher Cinematics

A nice little insight into the artistry behind, probably, the most visionary film director of our time. Mostly stuff for aspiring film-makers. I know there's a shitload of you out there.

Friday, August 14, 2015

//NEWSVID: Kuwait Ministry of Interior Releases Batshit Video of Hidden Terrorist Stockpiles

In, about, the weirdest thing I could stumble upon is this beautifully put-together video by Kuwait's Ministry of Interior documenting all the 'Terrorist Cell Stockpiles' they gathered after a nation-wide crackdown. Three suspects had confessed to being a part of, said, terrorist cells and had given up the whereabouts to arsenals of weaponry big enough to make Sarah Connor blush. After digging up each suspects home they were able to gather about 19,000 kg of ammunition, 114 kg of TNT and other explosives. Hmm.

//EDUVID: Brazil Is Corrupt, Surprise

//MZK: Rebound X- Rhythm 'n' Gash (Landlord's House Coat Remix) [Juke/footwork/Tech/Bass]

Just incase you're goth but you still do that fast thing with your feet.

//MZK: Neon Indian- Slumlord [Synthwave/Chillwave/future funk/House]

Thursday, August 13, 2015

//SPCLRVW: Only I Am Allowed To Rip Apart Terminator: Genisys (Which Isn't That Bad BTW)

Okay, so... Terminator: Genisys. I want to watch this movie again but I'm scared I'm destined to despise it. Hate was not my original reaction to this movie and the whole theme of 2015 is me trying to be more positive. You can tell it's working, right? Either my standards for movies have flushed themselves down the toilet or a collective mind shift has completely passed me by. I enjoyed how this movie played itself out.  Arnie isn't too old and bloated to do, at least, a bit of physical acting. Though, being how old he is and wearing the sunglasses/leather jacket combo can be bit distracting sometimes. That scene with him slowly stepping out of a drifting police car, anyone?

This is a permanent memory now, thanks.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

//SPCLRVW: The Time I Tried to Defend 2015's Fantastic Four (Fuck Thor)

As a person with a gag reflex that is very responsive to geek-pop culture I do tend to stay pretty far away from everything related to comic books. Of course, I watch and read the occasional review on things I find myself interested in but I'd be lying if I said I clicked on even 5% of the the Machinima links that YouTube is constantly flooding my dashboard with. The bullshit surrounding the making of this movie has still found its way to molesting me in my waking life, despite spending most of my time alone in a remote tiny desert country where the previous Fantastic Four movies are best known for being local T.V. fodder. To say I never cared is an understatement. But then anyone I was even remotely close to began talking about how much they hated the trailer and the fact that Johnny Storm was black. Obviously, being black myself, I had no problem with this. It really doesn't, in any way, make the slightest of a difference to me whether any of them were black, Hispanic, Asian or cool-aid purple- so long as the story is told in a way that isn't really terrible or unrecognisable to the original comics. Hell, I don't even care about that either. I think anyone blowing this race thing out of proportion has no argument, period. It was obvious from the get go the people that were talking about how bad the trailer was to me were idiots because upon taking time to look at the original trailer myself, I could see nothing wrong with it. But to these people everything  was wrong. Why? I think it stems from the fact that, in such a physically remote country, our whole american culture is force fed to us, so if the majority of our American counterparts say it looks bad, then it must be so..right? No.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Thursday, August 6, 2015

//MZK: Secret Tongues- Persia / Amy Odell- Everyone [Indie/Folk/Psychedelic/Shoegaze]

Okay, so it's no secret I'm an uber-whore for artists no one's heard of. Nowadays, one can trip on any number of these artists even on the way to the kitchen. I found London's Secret Tongues hanging around Instagram and decided why not post their music up. During my stalker-ish excavations I also found out that their lead singer, Amy Odell, has her own folk solo project going on. So why not post that too. Their guitarist has a solo thing too but he's not a cute blonde. Sorry, dude.