Tuesday, May 26, 2009

//NEWS: Iran Makes It's Own Knock-off helicopter

It is as if they hired one of those Chinese teams that are so good at taking familiar products and reshaping the design but with cheaper parts ( iPod look-alike Mp4 players? knamean?).

The Shahed 285 is a large plastic toy-looking attack helicopter built with missiles, canon and other junk. Is there anything special about it? No. Is there any reason to be afraid? No, unless you're worried that it might break apart while it's in midair and the parts fall on top of you. The only thing special about this helicopter is that it is made in Iran. Who knew they had it in them to make their own cheap Cobra-look alike choppers? I didn't.
A Cobra- see what I mean?

Thinking about it, if they could do it I don't see why other countries couldn't start making their own weapons, artillery and other machines of destruction. They give me hope.