Sunday, September 19, 2010

//SPCL: Recipes To Die For- Dot coms and Villainian Pancakes

Now that we have been able to obtain ourselves our own .com domain name (thanks to the help of a special french some one) I can confidentially say that we now take precedence over all you other bloggers and youtubers that still operate under subdomains.

To celebrate, we have taken the time to put together the recipe for some really cool Villainian pancakes.

Recipes To Die For:


For this, you will need.

- 4 eggs
-2 cups of full fat milk
-1 cup of yogurt
-2.5 cups of flour
-1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon
-o.5 teaspoon of hotsauce
-3 bananas
-Bottle of chocolate syrup
-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar
--1 tablespoon of baking powder
-2 teaspoons of pure yeyo (cocaine at its finest)
-A handgun. Prefferably a Heckler & Koch USP.

After you've gotten off your lazy ass and risked sweating and/or getting killed by your local drug dealer trying to obtain these ingredients it's finally time to prepare this exquisite delicacy.


* So the first step is to have milk that's been expired for at least a week. You can wait for this yourself or simply look at your grocer's for milk close or already past it's expiration date to save yourself the trouble.

* Then it's time to break the eggs. 2 normally but only the yolk of the other 2.
Yolk is the yellow and yummy part of the egg. It is filled with things like fat and proteins that help people grow to be big, strong and whatnot. Mix these with the Milk.

* Add the yogurt, flour, hotsauce, cinammon, yeyo and baking powder.

* Pour the mix little by little into a small/medium pan for optimum cooking concentration. Be sure to flip the pancakes every minute or so.

* It's finally time to throw your pancakes on a plate and decorate it with some bananas slices, powdered sugar and Chocolate Syrup. We personally prefer to use Hershey's but that's only because of brand dominance.

We were too lazy to take a picture so we took the liberty of just stealing one off google images.

* Serve these to 2 or 3 people of your choosing. Out of the people I come across, I prefer to serve these bad boys to the ones that insistently brag about anything and everything (you know the type I'm talking about) or snobby ps3 owners that think 360s are for idiots. However, you can chose anyone you wish.

*At a certain point, they'll probably stop eating the food and wish to discontinue which is where we really put the gun to use (if you haven't wasted it trying to get the coke). As we noted above, we prefer the H&K USP because of it's high power, fast dispensing of ammo and smooth recoil but any gun will do, really. If the delicious toppings you've added doesn't do the trick the gun will surely give incentive for them to clean their plates and praise you for all the hard work you've put into making such a marvelous breakfast.


Fine print: This serving might lead to cases of severe nausea, food poisoning, kidney failure, liver damage, extreme-high, bullet in head and/or death. In which case we advise you to not call emergency paramedics and to dispose of the subjects, evidence and/or bodies immediately. We do not claim responsibility, fault or legal liability for any mishaps or otherwise.