Friday, August 12, 2011

//SPCL: Decline of Europe? UK riots 2011

I caught this off Zero Hedge today. A picture that might as well be a still off the movie 'Harry Brown'. I couldn't really afford to access and read the original article but I thought I might as well share my opinion of the ever-so-dramatic title 'the Decline and fall of Europe'. Not to mention the very very fine print underneath it 'and maybe the west' (because we're not really that sure).

There is a little bit of truth to this title, we are indeed (or at least most probably) witnessing the fall of the Anglo-European choke-hold that's been on the world for the better part a thousand years. Or maybe it could be that we're witnessing the system go into a coma...or just bowl into a seizure. Either way, it's very non-poetic to see it happen because of shady accounting.
What overshadows this is the fact that the believed-to-be alternative, China, isn't that much better. A capitalist country disguised in communism, China continues to boast its soaring economy (despite the many many millions that still live out of the countryside earn
ing very basic wage). Wait, I'm going way off point here.

England, oh yes, what happened there? Was it all just random act of juvenile delinquency or should we all believe there's an underlying factor that brings together all this chaos?

Are you actually thinking? Of course there's underlying factors. How come is it that we all blame individual delinquency on bad upbringing and family issues to do with abandonment and the works but when it comes to this riot, somehow, the country's modern issues escape the debate? It's basically the same. The government is ultimately responsible for their people, isn't it? And what has the government been doing lately? Well, other than continuing to pour money into military occupations that are proving to be useless, the government's been busy making billions in cuts to domestic spending.
So if it's not bad enough that you can't get a job due to the failing economy (in which fat-cats seem to be the only ones living well) you also have to compete against the influx of immigrants that seem to be everywhere. Hell, I'd be vexed too if I had to eat a can of Beans for dinner and read about Arab rich-kids drag-racing their Ferraris down London.

Of course, the UK government/media would probably want you to believe that none of this is related to the economy but the truth is that a revolution doesn't necessarily have to have an intended purpose of moving towards a certain goal. A revolution is a giant movement for change, whether comprised of a stand-alone complex (check it out-anime reference) or an organisation of some kind. And this movement was ugly, chaotic and brutal- very much like the generation that set it off. It's all very interconnected. Just because most of the rioters can't articulate their reasons doesn't mean they aren't underlying.