Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Censorship Files: Bird Flu Scrilla

According to the Guardian (yes, again) the U.S. National Advisory Board for Biosecurity is asking Nature and Science (two journals) to 'redact' information they've published on a man-made strain of Bird Flu that can jump between living organisms to humans more easily. Justification: Terrorism.

Reaction: Nature and Science simply asked them to go screw themselves (in better language than presented here, of course). But I doubt this would stop them or the NIH (National Institute of Health), whom also agree that a more censored versions of this story should be put forth towards audiences.

Even though at first glance, this information seems epic, it really isn't. From what I hear, pretty much anyone with a kitchen can cook up mutant strains of the influenza virus. Let's say these terrorists were low on things to do and didn't mind going through the trouble of mutating and progressing the influenza virus (which isn't a big deal at all either) to an extent where it becomes deadly- still then, the delivery mechanism for which that virus is delivered would have to be made...and it is extremely hard to get a virus to destroy it's intended target without being worn out by all the crap already in the atmosphere. So not only is anyone with a university biology book able to cook up influenza.... its too difficult for any terrorist with a right mind to spend time trying to figure out some sort of carrier weapon to shoot it out of. Its bad enough that any slip can get your ass killed in no time too. 

Also, why on Earth do the U.S. get to, exclusively, keep information on a needless strain of a needless disease? I really hope no one's stupid enough to neglect the fact that, most likely, a disease like this can easily escape from its headquarters and start damaging populations around it. It has happened before and it will happen again. Think about that next time you're smoking some herb.