Monday, December 19, 2011

News For Today: Too many bad-asses in British Defense

According to the Gaurdian and their 'anonymous source' that helped leaked out a document from the British Ministry of Defense, the government will need to do something about their 'top heavy' defense ministry (and we're not talking about buffing up the bottom to match). The Government's going to have to let go more than 2,000 Generals, Air-marshals, Captains and (but not limited to) colonels from across the Defense board. Military, Royal Navy, Air-force, you got it.

The justification for all this is that "the size of the defence workforce has fallen over recent decades, but reductions in the numbers of leaders has not kept pace". However, we all know that the lack of people actually willing to join forces isn't the only reason why these cuts are being made. It probably has more something to do with the fact that the UK, along with other European economies,  just isn't doing well fiscally as we've all learned in the last 6 months.

I personally think it doesn't have to be that way. There are many other ways to solve such a problem. My idea is to give them the choice to transfer employees to other departments such as sanitation or housing. Just fire the people already working in those departments. I'm pretty sure people that're willing to die for their country deserve to have a job over someone without any skill, rank or prestige. There's nothing wrong with being the captain of the road-kill removal squad and having rat-exterminating SAS trained SWAT teams aren't such a bad idea either

But while this is, surely, a devastating blow to the men and women that have served their country and built their ranks over the last 20 years, the real shocker is realising that If Captain Price was real he'd have to think real hard about his next career move.