Sunday, December 11, 2011

//SPCL: Occupy Xmas- Lol Wut?

 For some reason, Adbusters ( the brainparents of the Occupy wall Street movement) think it'd be a good idea for people to attack the corporate fatkats where it hurts.... their income accounts. How? By boycotting christmas products.

Actually, when you look at it from an activist's point of view, it's quite a heavenly theory. 'If we all don't buy massive amounts of shit this christmas, we'll all save credit, time, effort and gas money. The corporate fucks will quickly and surely die, everyone will be happy and dolphins will learn to walk the lands and make everyone love sandwiches'.

However, even theoretically, this plan is ridden with more holes than 2pac's dead (but still alive) body. The biggest of which is that even if people do join and the movement becomes a huge thing, all it will do is drive down the economy, get more people out of work, lessen the amount of products available for sale, lessen competition and increase the chances for monopoly, hurt or even close down perfectly humble small local businesses that depend on support from corporate distribution channels and intensify the economic situation to a slightly more frightening degree. It's not like Corporate biggies are going to commit seppuku and everyone's going to have a star-wars style parade that involves copious amounts of jam.

Again, we come down to the real reason why many people don't take these movements very seriously. Black-stage activism blinds itself from economic and real-life consequences and occupies itself with the action parts instead. However, not everyone can be Che Guevara, sometimes we all need to think shit through.

Also, I might not know much about western holiday values but it has been a rough time on almost everyone. Im pretty sure at the end of the year, people want to enjoy the remnants of what used to be an incredibly consumerist and material filled celebration at a time when everyone's income is increasingly threatened (which is the reason why 'Occupyxmas's predecessor 'Buy nothing day' never really caught on). People are more aware and awake now. Responsible people will know when to economise when it comes to buying shit for friends and family. Im sure businesses are already suffering. Just let shit unfold on its own. There's no reason to get South American about it.