Monday, January 30, 2012

//HILITE: Buck UK (The Sound Thief)

I was born too late in order to join the I.D.M. movement that ripened around the rise of Warp Records. I consider Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin to be a few of my spiritual ancestors in the realm of sound. However, I am where I am and the only movement I can really attach myself to is the post-dubstep movement.

This movement is dedicated to sounds headed by Burial and Mount Kimbie (who I'm also sure draw influences from Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin). They push the boundaries of what dubstep is defined as by bringing back elements from the roots of the genre such as UK garage/2-step percussions, ambient sounds, manipulated vocal samples with the occasional deep early-dubstep subbass to create a strangely meditative sound. It's basically off-shooting and spinning off different sub genres of a sub genre of a sub genre (don't ask, just look up Drumnbass and all it's kids).

Despite the post-dubstep label, most of the artists actually hang around the future-garage forum where I creepily spectate occasionally as they share, discuss and critique creative ideas and sounds. Many underground artists have risen from this scene (some you might be familiar with) such as DFRNT, Synkro and Buck UK. 

Hmm, I did mention Buck UK, right? Good, because this is where all this jabber is heading and is also where I showcase an interesting twist in Villainy. So ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you:

Buck UK

Sorry, this is the best I could find. The dude is very elusive. 

Any normal person is going to ask 'Okay, and he is?' and this is exactly what I'd like to find out. According to this thread on future garage forums, Buck is a rising DJ and producer with some sweet tunes. Except that the tunes aren't his.

"I gotta say - i dont really care if people think this is old hat but !!!! buck uk stoie various amounts of tracks from many sources without a sorry or an excuse he pops back up in soundcloud as if nothing happend after absolutely ripping the shit out of Future Garage and the people involved and no-one says boo to goose - where has the balls gone from the people running this scene ???? how can you let him carry on using the same name he built up by steeling other peoples music ???? he's laughing at us like were muggs !!!
He bullshitted the forum by saying he was dead which got the thread taken down - which was clearly a tactic and it worked.  " 
-'Matt IQ', apparently the most vocal protester on this discussion.

This Buck UK person, whom some within the forum know a bit, has built his career on acquiring the music tracks of others such as a musical gentleman with the name of gasface  and carrying them on as if they were his own (and not just in the Timbaland/daftpunk-sampling-method way either). This person is what I would call a 1st degree Sound Thief. 

now this:

Sound Theft ranges from imitating someone's style, to immoral sampling and to outright track theft. (I would meditate on these ideas further and build a structural set of codes to this category of crime but I believe that the Ministry of Sound should be doing this instead). 

To most non-artists, this doesn't really sound heinous but believe me when I say this: there is nothing more frustrating to a creative person than the idea of someone getting paid off your hard work. This is precisely what this man has done, he might be a small time crook but his villainy and laziness has paid off well. Buck UK has released several mixes and has even landed himself an E.P. that was supposed to be released on DFRNT's label.

Needless to say, it's very interesting how much balls this guy has got to pull off something like that. I'd imagine he either really needed the money or the recognition. Either way, it's hard to bounce back from something like that unless nobody's sure who you were to begin with. Which is precisely what is going on here.

Artists he's stolen from (so far):

If any artist wishes to contact me on a subject related to this or wishes to add their names to a list of artists he's ripped off: