Tuesday, January 31, 2012

//NEWS (but not really): We missed Privacy Day

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Saturday was supposed to be Privacy Day- an internationally recognized and celebrated occasion in which people get to be more aware of the need to protect internet anonymity and privacy. Essentially, to celebrate the assumption that we, as humans, deserve the right to our own space in a digital world.

Sadly, this isn't the case. Nobody really deserves anything in any world, let a lone a world we made up ourselves. Big powers understand this thoroughly, which is why they go out of their way to take down any power that stands otherwise. They proved to us that there's nothing we can do about it. Websites are being sunk and users' rights are being stripped away, little by little. It'll continue onto various p2p services and eventually existing superpowers such as Google will have no choice but to regulate its content and filter by strict U.S. Government guidelines. At least for a short while until another big power takes over...then everything will play by their rules. This is why we don't feel like Privacy Day is a day that actually exists. 

Why is all this happening you ask? Well, the internet has facilitated the creation of an overpopulated monster. A new generation has risen that is more intelligently wired than anything humanity has ever seen before. It's scary to the big E!, to Big Pharma, to the Man, the Reds, the Suits and anyone else with a considerable amount of resources at hand to see such a crazy stand alone complex comprised of educated individuals that breach standard rules by doing whatever they want. Not only do we wire the net so that the right information is delivered to its intended audience efficiently, but we have the infrastructure to ensure nothing is kept private from us. We're greedy, we spend a major amount of time seeking an infinite amount of entertainment and content while not acknowledging that the rules already in place were there to serve an important function: keep things streamline. We're expanding on the way information is communicated and that isn't something to be taken lightly. Imagine your children were tearing down half of the house you built while rebuilding the other half at a quarter of the speed. 

Even if you rally up everyone you know and give this issue all your attention, it'd only give the U.S. Government more leeway to wage wars against several nations in the middle east. I guess we've been so busy with the whole internet deal that we've forgotten many thousands of innocents lives are still threatened every day with likeliness of war drawing closer.

Of course, I hope I'm wrong about all this. I really do. However, if I'm not, I just want to say that it's important that we all find spiritual revolution instead of a physical one. While we're educated and capable of doing great things, we're also capable of a hunger that will never be satisfied and a void that we've yet sealed, spiritually.

We'll find another internet, another way of channeling information and evolving the intelligence of mankind. However, we must not forget what we've learnt from the internet: that it is not the privacy that was really important, it was the fact that we shared a space that we fed our thoughts and energies into. We created something beautiful and we can do it in a physical space as much as we can in binary code.

Until then, fight on but don't forget that your true battles are internal.