Wednesday, April 4, 2012

//MSC+VID: BadBandNotGood

Imagine if the Cinematic Orchestra didn't become so clean and, orchestra-ish. It's true that The Cinematic Orchestra were, at the time, raw Modern Jazz at its finest, but with time they built themselves up to a high level of purity. This is where Badbandnotgood comes in (or you can call them BBNG). They are what The Cinematic Orchestra would've become if they had retained that rebellious element present in their early Ninja-Tune years.

 BBNG are not, in any way, a replica of the Cinematic Orchestra but rather a post-dubstep band paying homage to Coltrane and Davis, something similar to their British Counterpart 'Submotion Orchestra'. While most follow the path of Burial to simulate the sound of concrete melancholy, they chose to fly somewhere along the lines of Somber Noir with an evolved Hip Hop element. This is proven by their covers of James Blake's Limit to your love, a piece so deep that it has you wondering what other future-(insert sub-genre name here) sounds would be like on acoustic instruments, and also by their collaboration with weirdo-rapper Tyler, the Creator (no further comments).

I didn't write much about where they hail from or who the members are...but I don't really want to. The music deserves full attention here, nothing else. BBNG's music serve as a testament to the power of Acoustics in digital times.

They've released two albums for free on their band-camp and I would highly suggest you head over there right now for free download.