Tuesday, April 3, 2012

//NEWS: Lulzsec files being deleted

Anonymous' Massive Data Leaks Are Being Erased Off the Internet

Hacked data retrieved by Hacker groups such as Anonymous and Lulzsec is being deleted off the internet by the text-based website company that keeps it all safe.

"The Register reports Pastebin's Dutch owner and awesome last name possessor, 28-year-old Jeroen Vader, is tired of thousands of abuse alerts and DDoS attacks against his meek little site, which wanted only to become a place to anonymously and easily post text before it was appropriated by Sabu and co. Vader is now bringing in some cavalry, hiring an entire staff to manually purge the site of countless credit card numbers, passwords, personal addresses, and the rest of Anonymous' trove."


This brings to question the code of ethics the scene has within itself and the amount of  work hackers will have to do in order to keep valuable documents safe.