Sunday, April 29, 2012

//NEWS: Rupert Murdoch and the Parliament of Bribery

It's bad enough that Rupert Murdoch, our most beloved News/media business genius mogul Sith invader senior, has many hacking allegations looming over his head but now he has to defend himself against the allegations that he's also into bribery and other forms of corruption to sway political opinion towards his side. I'm not going to encourage the idea of him being a corrupt businessman but obviously if you have a lot things you want to quickly get in order to advance your empire, you're going to have to give up some cash.

This is something normal muggles can't seem to quite understand. Once you're rich enough, the law starts to become a bit of an obstacle you can only overcome by showing a little 'support' to those working on the other side. He says 'I never asked any politician for anything' but I don't think he ever needed to. The whole point of financially backing politicians is that they consider your interests like a friend would. Is it really bribery if you don't tell the person being bribed what you want? Not really.

The real problem and the real question we need to be asking is why now that Rupert Murdoch's 'Unfair Practices' are coming into question after so many years? Is the new generation of politicians not getting enough 'support' or am I supposed to believe that they're are actually starting to care about the cleanliness of the U.K. parliament?