Tuesday, May 29, 2012

//MIX: A Guy Called Gerald Mix For Mutek 2012


You're going to have to excuse me for being too lazy to bring the file over and embedding code in this post so you can listen to it here. However, through my work, I found myself playing this new Mutek Fest. mix by senior- Gerald Thompson- and I was not disappointed. It's the latest in ....deep? electro?...tech?... house?.... I don't really know but it's there and you should follow this link in order to listen to it:

01 From Karaoke to Stardom "Do You Speak in Glitch" (Rrygular)
02 Billy Johnston "Black Hand (From Karaoke to Stardom Remix)" (Sleaze)
03 Sten "Restless" (Sender)
04 Alexi Delano "Girls on Bicycles" (Minisketch)
05 Cesare vs. Disorder "American Dream (Parallel Remix)" (Mean)
06 Dartriix "Neverdie" (op.disc)
07 Cesare vs. Disorder "Midday Vampire" (Mean)
08 Heinrich "Dark Matter"
09 Jacek Sienkiewicz "Drunken Master" (Recognition)
10 Carsten Jost "Silver" (Sender)
11 Material Object "Blacklight" (KarateKlub)
12 Monty Luke "Panik Attack (Original Mix)" (Mothership)
13 Pantha du Prince "Behind the Stars" (Dial)

Listen to it at XLR8R