Wednesday, May 16, 2012

//MSC: Bonobo- All In Forms (Mike Slott Remix) + Stay the Same (Blue Daisy Remix)

Yes, yes, I know that I should've listened to this album a while ago but I haven't. I'm a business man, I have money to make and people to impoverish. I regret not listening to this sooner though- I've been a big fan of Bonobo since his Days to come album came out and I enjoyed his Black Sands album the most. So you can understand my excitement when I found out that new bass-heavyweights like Mike Slott  and TRG would be on the remix album along with many others (Blue Daisy, that guy is simply frantic to the ears). It's interesting to hear newer artist bring his Downtempo ass into the new electronic decade- where everything's so abstract and dislocated that its almost always worth listening to stoned. It's definitely an album worth listening to.

I wish I could post all the songs on here but that's pretty close to piracy (I'm too lazy) so I'll just settle for these two- which stand out the most, I think: