Tuesday, May 1, 2012

//NEWS: Artificial Intelligence Doing Journalism


                Citing an app called 'GameChanger', Wired reports on a very interesting piece of technology that is kept away from pretty much everyone. A Chicago based company by the name of Narrative Science has and still is developing complex softwares that can take enormous amounts of complex data, organising and then presenting the information using a series of templates.
                Refering to the app I mentioned above which happens to be a little interesting tool where little league parents or coaches can enter detailed game info and eventually have stories churned out like this:

"Friona fell 10-8 to Boys Ranch in five innings on Monday at Friona despite racking up seven hits and eight runs. Friona was led by a flawless day at the dish by Hunter Sundre, who went 2-2 against Boys Ranch pitching. Sundre singled in the third inning and tripled in the fourth inning … "

               Not the best writing I've seen but still sort of passable. Which brings to question what big players are using this tool already. The very lame 'Forbes' is reported to be one but I still wonder if big sports companies such as ESPN are too. Maybe someday this software can dictate every piece of news we hear. I'm already imagining the amounts of batshit Alexjonesies freaking out about this story- pointing at this as if it were the real-life counterpart to Skynet. And really, I wouldn't mind it if it were.

More realistically, I can see potential in a much-needed push in villainy: If a very intelligent, rich, powerful and awesome persons (Ahem) can get their hands on this during the height of its development, who knows where the influence and manipulation of minds can stretch. I can see the North Korean Government losing their shits over this.

As for me, if I had the money, I'd use that shit on this blog instead of me having to go around collecting data. But again- that's what I like doing. Having that said, I wouldn't mind to this thing putting a lot of journalists out of work since a lot of them seem to be doing a horrible job any way. 

Source: wired
Picture from Time