Tuesday, May 29, 2012

//NEWS: Cyberwar High Tech Malware in Middle East is coded in Gaming Language

I won't bother to hypothesise that whatever government entity (speculatively) aimed to have this spread in any zone other than that of detrimental American and/or Iranian influence (two thirds of the cases reported were found in Iran). I did a little research and it turns out these are the countries that Worm.Win32.Flame (also terribly called 'SKyWIpe'- and yes its spelled like that) have been found in:

-Iran (189 Samples),
-Israel/Palestine (98 samples),
-Sudan (32),
-Syria (30),
-Lebanon (18),
-Saudi Arabia (10),
-Egypt (5).

So the tagline for this movie should read 'FORGET STUXNET' (which I'm sure I reported on too...I hope).  The size and complexity of this malware coding is staggering, easily putting Stuxnet to shame and giving kudos to its programming team for having it go up to 20 megabytes in size and still avoiding detection for at least two years. But the real confusing part is that it's coded in LUA (not to be confused with L.A.U.- University with charm)- a type of gaming language that is used often to make Video Games... hmm, this makes me investigative senses tingle *in bad irish accent*. I'll have to look this up for a minute so I'll just present to you a picture of a Centeral-Asian looking man with a laptop:

... I return, barely victorious, with a headache caused by a large amount of computer jargon and just a few ideas. LUA is a language initially bred on the outskirts of conventional programming at the time (early 1990s). The initial idea was that it broke down complexities so that it could be used by unprofessional programmers but then developed as a way of being able to be cross-platformed while maintaining structural integrity. This means that whomever develoeped this piece of coding is more than just any information-horder. 

The LUA, at first might make the software seem like it was coded immaturely (not setting a limit of information obtained and using gaming language) but I really think it was developed to infect phones, tablets, Playstations and other devices just as most tech-savvy villains realised it was best to stay off computers if they were going to hide their information. The dynamics are quite exquisite.