Friday, May 18, 2012

//NEWS: Kendrick Lamar is fourth of Celebrity Team Ghost

It's strange but I just read here that Kendrick Lamar is going to be a fourth member of a celebrity Ghost Recon Team that already includes Ice T's plastic wife and two athletes both called Kevin (whom I'll just refer to as Kevin x2). Now, call me ignorant, but I only know Lamar as the really worked up dude on the track with Dr.Dre.

The question isn't if Ice T's wife really does really play video games (as seen in the following picture), it is why Ghost Recon's developers actually thought this team might be relevant that is the question that floats through empty space like a meteor sandwich without pickles. I'd be very interested if I were to find out Harrison Ford, Morris Chestnut or even Ellen Page were on Team Fagshit... but two Kevins, Coco and Kendrick Lamar? Ionno. Doesn't seem like they'd split up the duties very well. I guess tactics could go so the Kevins are gunners, Lamar the Demolition man and Coco as the Medic.

Why does Ghost Recon even need a Team of second Rate gamer/athlete/musician/bootypeople?