Saturday, May 19, 2012

//NEWS: Uncle Sam Might Disclose Information about Drone Programs

Inforamtion-tokers rejoice! Well, not really but still kinda... Okay so here's the deal: Uncle Sam is seriously debating letting out secrets about the Pentagon's Drone Projects. This comes a little after they used one of those predators to kill this dude for having a very horrible and untrimmed beard...and for carrying out tonnes of Al-Qaeda operations (Whatever). The killing itself sort of gave enough information about how they use those things. But the problem was that he was American (though the outlets keep referring to him as a 'U.S. citizen'), otherwise it would've been fully okay to have the job done.

So if Sam doesn't start showing some leniency on how much they keep classified about their 'Fly-by-people-with-unmanned-toys' operations and projects then people will keep thinking that all they do is fly around shooting Americans. Uncle Sam would rather people have information about the Drones than about highly-classified C.I.A. operations- which is why this thing is in debate now. Of course, the arguing side think the public shouldn't know about either and that giving up information on the Drones could mean that the public will push for stupid rights like knowing about other issues that the Five-sides don't really feel like talking about.

If this does happen, what exactly are we going to know about these Drones? Where they fly around? Where they're based? Who flies them? Where they're based? Who they're going to pop off next? I don't really see it working- the Pentagon just showing up and talking about how they killed foreigners on the other side of the planet. That's a lot of press conferences that would need to be had.