Wednesday, May 16, 2012

//SPCL: Sexual Sadists get confused for Psychopaths all the time

It's sort of ridiculous but it happens. I can understand the frustration sexual offenders must get from being lumped into the 'oh-you're-a-person-that-coldly-calculates-all-his-decisions' group but you have to understand that it looks pretty similar to the untrained eye.

This chick working for Times magazine wrote this pretty cool article showcasing, what scientists now know, the difference between Psychopaths, sick perverts and people suffering from constant butthurt syndrome. What I paid attention to the most was the fact that sadists might appear to be close to Psychopaths, as protrayed in movies, but the truth is that in real life they couldn't possibly intertwine because sadists actually do think about what the other person is experiencing while psychopaths are supposed to be 'cold and thorough badasses' that don't take anyone's consideration into mind. They just do because it's logical, not because they get a particular kick from watching others struggle. 
Now, sadists aren't exactly who we'd rank as high level villains. If anything, they're pretty low down the scale. Of course, I am only including those who... hold on, I have to make juice for immigrant workers....

....of course, I'm only including those who're more or less the type to isolate random women and inflict a world of pain- the key phrase being 'can't help but...'  A villain's supposed to know how to hold on to their urges and not let themselves dwindle down the chute of self-gratification (as we learned from the Dark Knight's Joker incessantly bragging and giving batman enough time to repeatedly capture his ass).

Yes, I do understand that sexual sadism is, classified by lame people as, a disorder with roots dating to types of pain inflicted on children during very young age etc etc but a villain's supposed to know how to channel crazy urges into mini interests in lots of things. The finer things. So I imagine if you're a sadist, don't be all creepy about it. There are ads you can set up, meetings you can go to, your own 'pets' you can obtain (legally and consentually, otherwise we refer you to this) and ethics that can be taught. Just go ahead on tumblr and feast on the series of chivalrous encounters men of sadistic types have with different women, they don't get arrested- why should you?