Saturday, May 12, 2012

//UPDT: Over 10,000 Views

Yes, my comrades, it is about that time - we've finally reached the 10,000 view mark. 'What does this mean' you ask? Well, really, nothing.... no wait, it does actually mean something. This means we're now operating outside of the domain of a normal blog, we're now expanding into the leagues of big great websites such backroom auditions and We're now fully operational as more than an entertainment blog, we're now building towards an empire.

Now you're probably asking 'Now what does THAT mean?' and I'll tell you again. It means our specialty shall shift from aggregating general entertainment geared towards the villainous, businessman type and towards creating original content. This is specifically why I've made lots of changes to this website, most of which I'm sure you've noticed. 

Moving forward with this website's purpose, we've changed the banner, softened and/or changed the colors of the texts, fixed the layouts, added new gadgets to the sidebar, added new pages, invited more villainous authors and expanded our scope of interest to include style, skateboarding, cooking food, editorials and more. Overall, we just made the website more appealing to old people.

To accompany this new shift in style, we're also in the process of deciding upon some sort of mission statement and drawing lines of how to specialise different authors and publicise the website. The image needs to be built first, don't you think?

Now that I've cleared all that up, here's a picture of Sasha Gray with a stupid hat.