Thursday, June 21, 2012

//MSC SPCL: Fear Factory's The Industrialist Review

Artist: Fear Factory.
Album: The Industrialist.
Label: Candlelight Records.
Runtime: 48:45.
Fear Factory have been around since 1989, hailed by many as the epitome of Industrial Metal. The Industrialist is the band's 8th studio album including the original members; Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares.

The album starts off with an eerie intro and straight into the title track, which is nothing short of impressive, heavily riffed, yet melodic. Recharger and New Messiah are quite similar (fairly repetitive) follow ups to the first track, then you are met with God Eater, which slaps you with an amazing chorus. One interesting track that grabbed my attention was Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed, this track serves as a continuation of Disassemble and beginning of Human Augmentation, which is the last track on this album, which is basically a 9 minute recording of ambient sounds and speech.

All in all, if you are a die-hard FF fan, this album will not disappoint you, however, if you're on the lookout for diversity, this album struggles hard with it, its repetitiveness is what brought it down (IMO). In all fairness though, FF has done a good job on it, not bad if you're looking for a rather droning fix.