Saturday, June 2, 2012

//NEWS: Innovators Barely Give A Shit About Cash


A post on the Time's website gives people-watcher Ethan Mollick a chance to shed some insight to how when Apple Created the App Store and gave Innovators (people jailbreaking the iPhone and implementing their own software) a chance to make some paper off their work- a lot still kept their middle fingers up and worked harder on making their software more bang for people's bucks (which is none because it was free). And the ones that did sell out? Well...

“A lot of people sell out when given a chance,” Mollick notes. “But the ones who sell out are not always the ones you’d expect. They are not always the ones who are most innovative.”

This, again, just proves the point that innovation is an internal human result of people trying to solve problems and not trying to cash in and spend it on drinking a cup of tea on top of a hot-air Balloon on television.