Friday, June 1, 2012

//NEWS: Logger Malware detected in Simburgh- Popular Irani Proxy Tool


RT still remains one of those new organisations that I still haven't figured out whether I should trust or not because of their lack of cred- much like this website. Which is, I guess, why I still follow up on whatever they're working on. Anyway, now they bring to us some pretty interesting news about this proxy tool called 'Simburgh' that Iranis like to use to dodge state censorship (as is with the case in most middle-eastern countries).
The makers of the tool are now reporting that there's a malware tracking users' login into different websites implemented into the program and are warning users. So if you live in Iran switch to hotspot shield or many of the other ways to get around state censorship (or you could always live well with the fact that you don't have to be exposed to the garbage filling up the internet).

"The malware implanted into Simurgh is logging users’ online activity, reports website. It records every mouse click and keystroke, as well as some details about the computer running the program and sends the data to a server located in the US. The server appears to be registered to an entity in Saudi Arabia."