Sunday, June 17, 2012

//NEWS: People are forgetting that the Brotherhood is a bad idea too

I guess it's quite understandable since most westerners are quite ignorant to the middle East's social views. This gives journalists no excuse though. The Muslim Brotherhood are not to be confused for Freedom Fighters. If anything, it's the opposite. Just a quick look at Wikipedia (yeah yeah, save it) immediately brings up how the party's opinions reach out to sectarianism, segregating genders and pretty much setting society back about a 100 years.

Western Newspapers don't seem to think so, though- mostly protagonising the party and quoting what they have to say without really taking the time to address their policies. Albeit, neither is the opposition- A faction made out of Mubarak's old party remains- any good for the people either. Egypt is stuck between two stones...speaking of which- I hear they have good Brown over there, I wonder if the brotherhood will put an end to all that baking....