Friday, June 8, 2012

//NEWS: Surprise, Music and Education Fit Together

Most won't really take my word for it when I say it but I don't need to anymore. According to CNN writer Elizabeth Landau and her stable of professionally scientific sources/contacts- Music aides in many cognitive functions such as building new neural pathways, revitalising motor functions, releasing Dopamine and controlling people's moods. This, I hope, closes the chapter on why I like to post educational content and music on the same blog.

We should be sort of happy that we're the only primates that can recognise a good beat when we hear it. Actually, we responded to music before we even learned language or writing as it exists today. The earliest Flute dates back tens of thousands of years. This only proves my point that Music is a language that the brain can process like no other.

Also, synkronised music listening and dancing is said to improve team-work. This perhaps can actually aide a villainous organisation such as this one. Maybe our writers could benefit from a trip to a nightclub or a lounge. I'll have to think about that more.