Monday, June 18, 2012

//SPCL: Villain Of The Day- Bionic Barry

[Spoiler Alert]

I would place Barry Dylan (of the hilarious animated series "Archer") somewhere around Level Four. He doesn't really take himself too seriously and somehow manages to keep it pretty together taking into account Sterling anally banged his Fiance, dropped him from a building not once but twice and caused the K.G.B. to turn him into a Cyborg (don't ask).

So then Barry, and his alterego...the other Barry, go ahead and take over the K.G.B., leave Odin (the Archer Spy Agency's Rival), kill his fiance and then bang her once they resurrect her into a cyborg. He even followed them into space just to fight Sterling with a Spacebot. I think he's made a pretty menacing villain when you think about it. That and he's fun to watch.

Best Quote:
Sterling apologises for not being able to fight him in space with Spacebot and Barry Responds with:
"Hey, don't do that. Don't apologise. I mean if you're having a legitimate problem with your ...vagina that you have between your legs in lieu of a penis, I completely understand and you need to deal with that. Honestly, we can do this another time."