Thursday, June 28, 2012

//SPCL: Weapon Of The Day- Kitty Corner Shot

Well, this one's a little different, it's not a weapon per say but more of a peripheral. For some reason, some weapons innovator somewhere thought it was a good idea to mount a stuffed cat onto a bendable-gun device to cloak all the metal and fool targets into thinking cats just hang around corners. I'll let our gunrunner explain:

"An add-on for the Israeli Corner Shot mechanism. This is a specially made stuffed animal, in this case a cat, to wrap around the front end of the Corner Shot. It’s supposed to mimic a real cat from a distance or even as an actual stuffed toy left behind by a child. The head conceals the barrel and is destroyed when the gun fires."  - Thanks Gunrunner.

So why's this insulting contraption weapon of the day? Because it's hilarious, devious and if it can be somehow pulled off, then I guess it's just a good story to tell.