Tuesday, June 19, 2012

//VG SPCL: Lollipop Chainsaw Review

Editor's Note: I've recently had not that much pleasure recruiting and assigning our new Villainous writer and reviewer, Mantis, to take over the video game section because of my failure to take it seriously. He's a wonderful writer/cyborg/binary organism (I don't know, his biography makes very little sense) and his first review covers the gap Lollipop Chainsaw. Now, before he gets into the details himself I need to acquaint you with the system that we go by. The category for each score is out of 666 and the end score is the Average. So without further ado...

Mantis' Villainous Review

Lollipop Chainsaw is a blend of frustrating decapitations and even more frustrating up skirt views, topped off with a cheesy 80's inspired horror theme. Lollipop Chainsaw neither fails nor excels in a particular area. You play as heroine Juliet Starling who is on an adventure to rid her high school and the world of the zombie plague that broke out when a high school social exile seeks to open the portal between the human world and the Rotten world.

Sparkle damn you!
Gameplay is quite repetitive since it consists of several consecutive zombie killing stages parted only by crude boss battles and a couple of potentially agonizing mini-games. For instance, one mini game could have you mow down zombies in a lawnmower. The game also rewards you for killing more than two zombies in one hit, those events called "Sparkle Hunting" could prove to be more of a chance than an event. Overall, The controls are quite responsive, and while the combos can be quite expensive to buy, they are very satisfying when successfully performed.  [475/666]

There's not much I can say here, although some areas could have been improved, all in all, graphics are great, cutscenes are smooth, Grasshopper has done quite an impressive job on polishing up the characters and especially heroine Juliet Starling and the rest of the seemingly very-weird-yet-friendly zombie hunter family.   [532/666]

Sadly, this title does not support co-op multiplayer or any of the kind, the only fun you'll have with your friends is online leader board rankings. [200/666]

The soundtrack is very impressive, consisting of artists ranging from Skrillex to Dragonforce and even Viking Metal. The soundtrack is bound to appeal to all audiences.  (Editor's note: Boooo Skrillex.) [600/666]

The storyline unfolds in a series of cut scenes, its consistent, somewhat rich and generally satisfying. The game also contains 2 endings which do not really differ much, but still, its worth the try.

Replay Value: 
Considering the amount of costumes, music and unlockables, Lollipop Chainsaw has quite a bit of replay value since it will definitely take more than one play through to fully upgrade Juliet's stats and combos.  [532/666]

Overall, there's nothing special about it, but the game is not half bad at all, if you could put up with its flaws and cheesy dialogue, Lollipop Chainsaw could prove to be a great choice for a weekend play through.


I see what you did there.

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