Thursday, July 19, 2012

//EDU SPCL: Are Corporations People?

That was Mitt Romney's near successful (not really) try at trying to make a point that corporations people to a crowd that definitely reciprocate the opinion. Mitt Romney's failure does bring up a legal question that, surprisingly, a lot don't know at this point: Are Corporations srsly for'real legally considered 'people'? To find out more, you can either start googling 'corporate personhood' like I originally set out to do or just watch the following video like I ended up doing:

If you followed your own third option of not watching the video because you're undeniably lazy then I'll basically recount what they're saying: Corporations earned their personhood by Villainously abusing the 14th Amendment (Slaves earning their rights). From a Villain's point of view this is all fucking great. I can get on the frontlines of a corporation, cause lots of damage, makes tonnes of money and when the shit hits the fan, limited liability, the rich-person's invention that protects my balls, can blanket me like a 9 year old in winter.  What's not to love? Well, beside all the angry hippies.

But really, no, corporations are not people. If you even thought about the title question then you and Mitt Romney need to go to school because a person is a human being that shares characteristics found in all living organisms. A corporation is a non-tangible identity backed by non-tangible money, suits and a bunch of desks. So there was eventually no reason to even start this post.