Wednesday, July 4, 2012

//NEWS SPCL: The Boson Discovery

There have been a couple of news articles on my Facebook newsfeed over the the last few hours about scientists finding the Higgs Boson Particle, the last particle in the Standard Model of Particle Physics that hasn't been observed. I quickly glanced over the links to find that most of these sites are Mainstream Media sites, mostly over amplifying everything and feeding the general public with inaccurate information . 


Although I am quiet aware that the term "The God Particle" has nothing to do with a deity or religion, the term pisses me off massively, because idiots will always try to claim that it does have something to do with religion. Not only that, it's Peter Higgs, who the Higgs Boson is named after, is himself an Atheist and is quiet annoyed at the term, because the term "might offend people who are religious." (I personally say, let it offend. It's not like they don't offend the rest of humanity...) but it just shows how retarded the term is. The original term was created by the Physicist Leon Lederman, the author of The God Particle: If the Universe is the Answer then what is the question? I believe it was just heavy symbolism, as in it's called the God Particle because Physicists are so focused and centred on it. But obviously to the Media, it's just a money selling term. Because let's be honest, what appeals most to the general uneducated public and brings in cash:

- "Scientists have discovered the Higgs Boson Particle."
-"Scientists have discovered the God Particle."

Definitely the latter.  

But, we'll leave all this God/religion bullshit behind, because I will go on to the awesome news. There has been, a discovery today, on the 4th of July that a new Boson has been discovered. As I watched the live CERN webcast conference, and the announcment of the findings, you can clearly see the excitment on everyone's face in that conference room. Everyone looked incredibly excited. People were cheering for the discovery of a particle, the way people would cheer in a football game. This is truly an amazing discovery. However with all the excitement one must not forget the facts. We do know that the results are fairly consistent with the Higgs Boson, but another fact is that more work needs to be done to conclude that it is, indeed, the elusive Higgs Boson. This could be the Higgs Boson but it also could be a Higgs Boson-Like particles that is predicted by other models in theoretical physics.

This, to me, is truly an amazing discovery. It's incredible. I have been following CERN and their research since probably 2005, when I was 12. Although granted I didn't really understand most of the things that were said, about their research and discoveries. What I did know, was that what CERN was trying to achieve was way beyond what I could comprehend at the age of 12, but I had a basic idea of what they were trying to achieve. I knew that the work that they would do, the research, machines, experiments, data and results that they would bring, would shed light on the world of physics, and all of that helps us to get closer and closer to a fundamental and quantitative understanding of our physical universe. 

Also, present at the conference today, was non other than Peter Higgs himself, the guy which the particle is named after. Although Higgs himself is not the only one to work on the Higgs Mechanism, as several other physicist made huge contributions to it as well, I think it's quiet fitting that he, along with the other physicists ( Englert, Guralnik, Hagen and Kibble) are still alive. A lot of scientists make brilliant contributions towards science and they often die before they can see the confirmation and results of that contribution.

Going on to the significance of this discovery, this discovery will probably not change your live nor will it lead to developing awesome technology such as the portal gun that you've long been waiting for. But this discovery, for Particle Physicists at least, is HUGE! What this essentially means is that this validates the past 100 years of work and research in this field, if this turns out indeed, to be the Higgs Boson (Which it might take some time to actually prove that it is).

Now with all said, we, here in Villainian are actually incorporating the Higgs Boson into our own doomsday machine, but we're not telling you how we're doing it.

If you're interested more about reading/learning about the Higgs Boson, I have provided websites that gives you essential, easy to read information without getting into the nerdy stuff (Well some of them will get into that.)