Thursday, July 5, 2012

//SPCL: Villain Hilite- Anakin Skywalker and the Dark Side

I was rewatching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith yesterday, for no reason. Aside from it being my favourite movie from the prequel trilogy (But still, it sits on number 4 on my Top 6 Star Wars movies), I was mostly in the mood for watching some major ass kicking, including that epic fucking battle towards the end of the movie in Mustafar (I mean, come on, that place looks cool as fuck!) 

Now, while the movie went on to reach it’s end, we get to the last parts of the movie, the epic lightsaber duel between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the volcanic planet of Mustafar, halfway through the battle, Obi-Wan looks at Anakin and says those words “ I have failed you Anakin, I have failed you."
Did Obi-Wan really fail Anakin? Was he the reason that Anakin turned into the Dark Side? Or was Anakin his own failure?

Anakin was always a troubled figure. He was born into slavery, and then taken away from his mom by Qui-Gon Jinn, because it was believed that he was the Chosen one. The one that would bring balance to the force. However, Anakin was always reckless, impatient, arrogant and immature. He lacked self-discipline which is one of the very foundations of the Jedi Code. He acted on his childish impulses most of the time and was unable to control his emotions, which resulted him in being very easily manipulated. 

Anakin never really studied the force the way other Jedi did. He learned the basics, but never beyond that as he relied mostly on his natural affinity and power to get him through shit. 
During Revenge of the Sith, we witness how angry Anakin became when the Jedi Council refused to give him the Rank of Jedi Master. He gave a bitch fit and sounded like an angry 10 year old kid who’s mom refused to give candy to. In the Phantom Menance, shortly before Qui-Gon’s death, Qui-Gon made Obi-Wan promise to train Anakin, as Anakin, was indeed, the chosen one. Obi-Wan had no choice but to obey the wishes of his fallen master, he even told Yoda that he would train Anakin even if the Council did not approve of the training. Before the death of Qui-Gon the Jedi Council at first, were very reluctant in allowing Anakin to join the Jedi, because his future was clouded by his fear. Nevertheless, after the death of Qui-Gon, the Jedi Council chose to honour Qui-Gon’s wishes by allowing Obi-Wan to train young Skywalker.

Now, back to RoTS the Jedi had every right to refuse Anakin on being a Jedi Master. They clearly saw him as liability, and would very much allow his emotions to get the better of him. Him being made into a Jedi Master would've only increased the rate at which his head goes up his ass. First off, they bended the rules to let him become part of the Jedi in the first place, so for one he shouldn’t be such an ungrateful bitch about it. Instead he should’ve refelected and seen why exactly the Jedi refused to give him the rank of Jedi Master. Because honestly, it made sense.  But ofcourse this troubled child cannot make sense out of everything. Afterall, it is Anakin Skywalker we are talking about. The same guy who bitches about sand.

All of the flaws of Anakin Skywalker, we witness all the time in the Prequel Trilogy. The reason why Anakin is so weak, and let's emotions get in the way of his thinking is because he forms deep attachements to people. We saw it during Attack of the Clones, when he slaughters Sand People, even the ones who are not responsible for the death of his mother. He forms a deep attachment to Padme, which is arguebly the reason why he turned into the Dark Side. He was emotionally fragile, and that allowed Palpatine to manipulate him and get close to him (Not in a priesty kind of way) to plant ideas of the Dark Side in his head ever since he was a child.

His relationship with Padme was clearly forbidden by the Jedi, and there was a reason for it. When you become attached to someone, you form some sort of bond with them, and that bond (which people often call love) often clouds the judgements of one's mind, and makes the person irrational. And when you're a Jedi, there's no room for error and irrationality. During Attack of the Clones, we see a scene where Padme tells Anakin to get real, and that it was never going to work out between them. He was going to become a Jedi, and she is a senator. But no, instead of thinking logically about what she said, he acts like a Drama Queen.

 Now some people argue, that had the Jedi Council put more faith in Anakin, that he wouldn't have felt betrayed by them. But they had no reason to put faith in him. Throughout the movies, he has showed over and over again that he's an emotional illiterate and that gets the best of him.

We now move on to the to scene in Revenge of the Sith between Mace Windu (The Force is strong with this motherfucker...or maybe not.) and Chancellor Palpatine. As Mace Windu and 3 other Jedi Masters approach the Chancellor, to arrest him, Palpatine refuses arrest and proceeds to kill the 3 Jedi Masters (Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto, and Agen Kolar), which leaves Mace Windu to duel with Palpatine. As the scene goes on, Windu gains upper hand advantage and traps Palpatine into the corner, and while this is happening, young Ani runs through the doors and sees what's happening. A dialogue goes on, and as Master Windu prepares to kill Palpatine, Anakin says something along those lines: "He should stand trial..Killing him is not the Jedi way!"

Really bitch? After all the shit you've done, you complain about a Jedi Master not using the Jedi Way?

 As it was explained by Windu,  Palpatine had to be killed because his position was too powerful. He was a motherfucking Sith Lord and a Chancellor. But let's put this fact aside for a moment. Anakin should not question or interfere with what his Master tells him. But we all know daft Ani, he proceeds to cut off the arm of his Master which leads to his death. We then see Anakin on the ground crying: What have I done?!...and then thirty seconds later he's like "Lol aight I'm over it, make me your bitch Palpi."

As I feel I already took way too long with this, I'm going to move to the final scenes of Revenge of the Sith. The epic fight between Master and Student, in the awesome volcanic planet of Mustafar. Towards the end of the fight, Obi Wan leaps off the piece of junk he was on, and moves to higher ground, thus giving him tactical advantage. Obi-Wan warns Anakin that it's over, and he stands no chance, but good ol' arrogant Anakin doesn't give up. Instead, he leaps of the piece of junk and launches himself towards Obi-Wan. Obi Wan strikes Anakin down with one final blow with his lightsaber. 

And then, finally reaching the end of the movie, when Anakin (Or what's left of him) is done with the transformation to Darth Vader, he asks Darth Sidious if his wife was still alive. Technically speaking, Anakin just chocked Padme, so he didn't kill her directly. However one can argue that Anakin contributed to her death. In any case, after all the manipulations of Sidious, he continues breeding hate and frustration in Anakin's heart when he tells him on purpose that Anakin himself caused the death of his beloved Padme.

In conclusion, Anakin is the only one responsible for his fall. He had the options of choosing between good and evil, yet he chose to continue feeding off his issues instead of resolving them. The Jedi Council acted, at what seemed at that time, in it's and Anakin's best interest. Anakin had much more to learn and needed to more patient before becoming a Jedi Master.
 Anakin became obsessed with the idea of death in general. As we see in Attack of the Clones, between a conversation between Padme and Anakin, he repeatedly tells Padme that he's going to be so powerful that he'll stop death, and that he'll be the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy. The slaughtering of the Sand People, death of his mother, and the dreams about Padme's death while she was giving birth only fuelled this obsession with preventing death and power. 

Palpatine used this obsession as a tool to continue planting lies and ideas in Anakin's head. He told the story of Darth Plagueis, and how he had the power to prevent death. He encouraged him to behead Count Dooku, and Anakin, like the fool he was, fell for it. So if you think about it, countless of Jedi lives, could've been saved if it wasn't for Anakin's reckless immaturity, and his wife would've probably survived.

Anakin was still the Chosen one, regardless of his actions. As he did bring balance to the force in Return of the Jedi, when he resulted in the death of Palpatine. But he was still a bitch. A massive bitch.