Sunday, July 22, 2012

//NEWS: Aww, Rupert Murdoch is starting to call it quits?

And just when I was starting to get into, old kajillionaire villain, Rupert's timeline it pops out that he's leaving his positions in a number of organisations and restructuring the whole empire. Maybe he's just getting too old for the game? Or maybe it has something to do with that hacking scandal at that tabloid I've never heard of last year or him being accused of Bribery. I really hope he doesn't leave the game though, he already owns half of television and could own the whole internet if he sets his, now, dusty mind to it.

' "I wanted to let you know that Rupert Murdoch has resigned as director of a number of companies, including NI Group
Limited, known to most of you as News International, and Times Newspapers Holdings Limited," Tom Mockridge, the head of Murdoch's British newspaper arm, said in an internal memo.' -Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera

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