Saturday, July 21, 2012

//NEWS SPCL: Villain Of The Day- James Holmes: The Joker

I was about to begin the process of chowing down on left-over Chinese food when I was linked to this article of a dude dressed in ant-ballistic gear shooting into a crowded theater in Colorado, U.S.- killing at least a dozen people. My first reaction was to just read the first paragraph as I have very little interest in what goes on American society . However, a few things caught my interest and I ended up reading the whole article. By the time I had finished I've decided that I've found my new 'Villain of The Day'

What is particularly interesting isn't that he had dyed his hair red and called himself 'The joker' when he was arrested but that he was a neuroscience a student at a local university. He didn't come from a low-class backward environment but was a very educated young man. He purchased his weapons legally at several stores to avoid raising suspicion and gathered a pretty nice set of protective wear for his face- proving that he had indeed given thought to civilians being armed. He chose the premiere of the Batman movie wisely, otherwise it would've been quite awkward to walk around with all that shit on him.

At this point I have to say that I do not, in any way or form, condone the use of violence against innocent civilians as I don't believe it's a good way to get your point across. I'm not sure James even had a point. If anything, from the way he was smiling, it just seems that he was trying tell a joke. If so, then it's a pretty lame one and Villainian officially refuses to grant it the seal of approval. Giving it more thought, James makes a terrible villain because of his lack of purpose, quality, finesse, taste and originality. The only reason I mention him in a post is because he has succeeded in firing up an American debate over gun control. That's something I'll cover another time.