Thursday, July 12, 2012

//SPCL: Villain Of The Day- Jim Messina, The Guy that Made Romney Look Like a Mormon Crabperson

I won't dive too deep into who, exactly, this person is but if you've heard of him then you probably have an idea of him as Washington's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. A politician and campaign expert at a level that cannot be surpassed even by the Catholic Church, he's served in several election campaigns, managed both current and previous Obama campaigns and even served as Obama's Operational Deputy Chief of Staff (damn these long titles). I pick him today not for a big number of things (which I'll discuss at a later time) but for being responsible for this:

Allow it to sink in for a moment... this Ad for Obama's campaign shoots allegations that Romney, Obama's Rival, is a hick that won't waver on his anti-abortion position even to exempt victims of incest, rape or pregnancy complications. That's pretty crazy for a 30 second ad, dudes. Putting aside that most of that is a flat out lie, the villainous amount of practice exercised into this campaign by Messina is impressive: Obama's starting to rebuild a positive Image after, basically, lying last time; Mitt Romney's starting to look like a backwards Mormon crabperson and Jim Messina lurks in the background with a potential scapegoat, David Axelrod, to take the fall for the video if anyone is to notice how untruthful it is- everyone wins! (well, except for Mitt Romney). 

And this isn't even the first Campaign Ad that has been so "controversial" under Messina's management. The following video is Messina basically making some senator in Montana look like a homosexual in 2012.

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Now that's over with, here's a picture of Sasha Grey pretending to DJ and point off camera angle.