Friday, July 6, 2012

//SPCL: Villain Of The Day- Mad Dog [May Contain Spoilers]

Alright, so I watched The Raid: Redemption movie twice now and since this isn't a movie review (which I don't bother writing), I'll simply ignore any sort of critical assessment of this film and get straight to my villain picks- though this is a pretty sick movie, gotta admit. Hands down it has to be Mad Dog.

We get to see enough of the main villain, the guy that's always eating but he's just too weird and boring. Mad Dog is just too tiny to notice when there's other dudes in the shot, but put him in a room alone with only one other person and it's hard to ignore the fierce aura emanating from the core of his being.

Why I chose him:
Well, he only fights about twice in the movie but despite his opponents being twice his build, he does some serious damage. He doesn't talk much, doesn't like  using weapons and seems to get a huge boner from breaking necks with his hands. His stamina is matched only by that of a rabid horse and his tolerance for pain only by a bigger and more rabid horse... with mad cow disease. He's fast, quiet and a morbidly aerodynamic. He won't die without giving you pure hell. Of course, downside is that he's as smart as a sandwich bag of penises and as smooth as the road behind our lair (Which isn't that much).

I don't know where the south-east asian world has been keeping this man all along but if I were them, I'd put him in every movie possible, action or not. Actually, if I were hollywood, I'd rethink him into every movie possible. I'd go ahead and put the effort of, at least, composing some sort of photoshopped image of him in The Sound Of Music but I don't care about my blogging quality enough- so I'll just jack and place this: