Saturday, July 14, 2012

//SPCL: Lady- Teer Wayde

I've been spending the last five minutes trying to figure out how to begin this segment, I can't. I can't find anything smart to say or any way to prove that I'm not chauvinistic. That being said, I'll just skip to the chosing the Villainess of The Day Today's Powerpuff: Teer Wayde.

(Recent Update: I have realised that it's stupid to call this post Villainess of the day because, when you think about it, you have to do something pretty badass to earn the title Villainess, so I've changed it to simply, 'Lady')

At this point it's quite obvious that I do like them a bit more on the heavy side. She seems to have good presence on camera and everything I see pretty much screams Vintage. I like that. She comes out of that plus-size model crowd- you know who I'm talking about- all those chicks on Tumblr that reblog other chubby chicks and quotes like 'THE BIGGER THE BETTER HAHAHAHAA'. Which I'm all for, btw, except for the fact that sometimes, you know, being big is sort of a health risk so as long as we're not condoning obesity, It's all peach.

I'm going a bit off point, though. The fact of the matter is that Teer enjoys a classic sense of humorous style that borders on sexy and evil-dead and, more than that, she's sexy as a mug. Also, check out them thighs- damn.