Wednesday, July 25, 2012

//SPCL: Weapon Of The Day- Syria's Nerve Agent

That's the story of the day, right? Syria has chemical weapons and everyone is shocked, this is what I understood so far from the old people blabbing on BBC Radio. And not just any chemical weapons, according to the Washington Post, Syrians have XV (pause and gasp), supposedly the deadliest nerve agent ever composed. It'll dig into your body through your pores, make you really sweaty, nose-runny, really itchy, then it'll make you suffocate and die. Not so pretty.

The Syrian government seems pretty serious about using that shit if anyone is to attack. And how dare they? It's not like they live next to a country that not only has something way crazier than Chemical weapons (Nuclear Weapons) but is also a bully that's ripping into the ass of every other country around it. And it's not like the United States used a little something called Agent Orange on Vietnam four decades ago and it's effects still take their toll. Okay that was sarcasm, just in-case you've been an avid reader of this blog for a while and still haven't got it yet.

Imagine being a tenant in a building where your neighbor is a criminal with an assault rifle, he's robbed everyone else on the floor and he's friends with the landlord- who's an arms dealer. Fuck yeah you're going to get a gun...or just move out, but I don't think Syria has a space program yet.

Herald Sun 
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