Sunday, July 15, 2012

//SPCL: Weapon Of The Day- That one they found at T.I.'s place

T.I. got arrested on October of 2007, The U.S. department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms went through his 'crib' and found an intense arsenal of firearms including an AK, MP5, Carbines, Handguns, Uzis and this:

That is a Bushmaster Carbon 15 , from what I can tell it's a type 97s. Meaning that it's a 5.56 mm, Gas Operated, semi automatic weapon. To top that off it's been fitted with a red dot scope, a flashlight and a 100 ROUND BETAMAG. The Magazine alone has a mass of at least 50 Kilograms. Ladies and gentlemen, to say that this is a military weapon is to call a tank an off-terrain automobile. Unless T.I. was beefing with an army of Robot Vampire Ninjas, there's really no reason for a rapper who can afford his own security to have this... unless, of course, he's too broke. Which would explain why he was feeding his bitches human meat in that Big Beast video.