Monday, August 20, 2012

//ECON VID: Keiser Report- Prison Slaves, anyone?

Yes, already this soon. Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert are back to talk to you about how Unicor is rising as an American prison labour force (slave company) not to be reconned with:

Prison, that's where 'we' keep all the rotten apples of our just societies, right? The criminals, the robbers, the ones that are responsible for the damaging of people's lives?


Then who are these millions that are spending their years slaving away in prison for 23 cents per hour? Could it be the free-thinkers, the deepest of us and the philosophers if our time? or is it the poorest, the least fortunate and those that dare do what is necessary to stay alive in a society that pits poor against poor? I personally think its a question of what is stranger: that Americans have a better chance of finding work as prisoners or that they pay for their own enslavement?