Saturday, August 4, 2012

//EDU DCMNTRY: The Vice Guide to Pushing

First post in a while. I haven't been much around, mostly because I'm sort of busy putting together and E.P., A remix, another website and figuring out how to top this summer with a video or two. So it's not like I'm  having all the fun in the world catering to a basically virtual audience. So if you want some more material, feel free to take your ass to our tumblr and get some over there.

To digress, I found this Vice video where one of NY's premiere dealers 'Nim' breaks down his operation. Below the video, after the page-break, is our basic breakdown of Nim's rules in points.

Nim's 12 Golden Rules of Pushing:

  1. Explore different patterns different than yours and find one that really works. Think outside the box and be what's necessary.
  2. Treat it like a business, not a hobby. It's an illegal activity, you have to get it as right as you can.
  3. Keep level headed, don't lose your cool or you're not getting anything but deeper into trouble.
  4. Make long term relationships, not short term. Make good money over a long time than bad money over a short time.
  5. Sacrifice.
  6. Put together a reliable crew. Organise them and look after them.
  7. Gloves, protection and safety.
  8. Everyday, every week, every month, All year.
  9. Watch who your friends are. 
  10. Don't pick up bad habits. None. 
  11. Get in, make money, stack it, get out. 
  12. You're going to get caught one way or another.