Friday, October 12, 2012

//MZK SPCL: Why electronic Dance Music Needs To Live

As I sit and become emersed into the  experience that is the 'mighty morphin power rangers: the movie'  I realise two things:
1) Why i wrote an article about Electronic Dance Music dying?
2) How sober exactly were the makers of the 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie'?

The answer to the first one is; Probably not an inch of... 'Coca Cola' was found around the set'.
The second one? I dont have a clue but I might've been Ghengis Khan mode. It doesn't matter now though because I take it back. The fact is that the world economy is really shit and really lame. No jobs, shitty food, cocaine is back in- theres just not much left to do but watch really terrible trippy music videos online.

Thats why we need EDM. Its just the right amount of hypnotic distraction that we need to stop us from chilling out online stoned and listening to awesome mixes while cruising through fancy porn on tumblr.