Friday, October 19, 2012

//POL: Summing up the US Presidential Debate(s)

 I can sum the US Presidential debate(s) in one picture:


Watching the last two debates was like watching two kids pointing fingers at each other. Although Romney did manage to edge out Obama in the first debate (but honestly that really has more to do with Obama just sucking ass than Romney actually being intellectual, let's be fair, Republicans don't really possess much brain cells.) Obama did seem to wipe the floor with Romney in yesterday's debate.

Romney, as usual, was bullshitting pretty much everything. He keeps avoiding giving clear, concise answers, and keeps mentioning that he has what it takes to solve problems with the economy and education and whatever. Except he never actually defines how he plans to do it.

Obama on the other hand was a lot more better and prepared in this debate. If anything won him this debate it's his substance and strategy.  Romney somewhat is a better speaker than Obama, but throughout the debate Obama cornered him, and finally KO'd when the subject reached Libya. 

In any case, pretty much everyone with common sense could see that both of them were pulling bullshit statistics out of their ass to combat the other's shit, and both delivering pieces of shit on a plate to the people of the U S of A. It was just that Obama's shit was better than Romney's. And that was proven in the polls.(Although Republicans can't comprehend the concept of votes and percentages because mathematics isn't a strong field in Republican territory. After all Romney actually convinced stupid people that his tax plan can actually work, even though it's mathematically impossible.)

In anyway, this sums up this debate, and probably the next one(s) too.

People of the greatest nation on Earth, your vote makes a difference. Make sure to vote.