Monday, October 15, 2012

//VID: The Best of the Miserable: Ingmar Bergman

The Man. The Myth. The Master.

If anyone asked me who my favourite director is, I would answer without hesitation: "Ingmar Bergman." A Swedish genius who's cinematic career lasted over 60 years, in which he directed over 60 movies and over 170 plays, the majority of which became timeless classics. His work has inspired the likes of Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Paul Schrader, and Martin Scorsese.

If it's one thing that Bergman is noted for, is how emotionally wrecking his movies are. In fact, the reputation that the Scandinavian Cinema gets for being depressing, grim and dark comes from Mr. Bergman himself. Dubbed the Man of Misery and the Gloomy Swede, Bergman himself said that he doesn't like to watch his movies because they depress him.

So if you feel like watching movies that painfully explore the human psyche, do not miss on these beauties from Mr. Bergman:- 

1- Scenes from a Marriage 

My personal favourite from Ingmar Bergman, Scenes from a Marriage goes into the lives of Johan and Marianne a married couple who's marriage is not as perfect as it seems. 

2- Cries and Whisper

When a woman dying of cancer is visited by her two sisters, long repressed feelings between the sisters rise to the surface.

3- Winter Light

A widowed priest is troubled by the lack of his faith and the meaningless of life. The movie centres around his relationship with a schoolteacher, his bond with god and his relationship with those who have a lot of faith and those who might have lost it.

4- Face to Face

Face to Face is the exploration of the life of physicist, Dr. Jenny Isakson, who in a tragic irony, suffers from mental illness.

5- The Passion of Anna

This movie follows the psychological turmoil of Andreas and Anna. Andreas is a man struggling with the recent demise of his marriage and his own emotional isolation, while Anna is grieving the recent deaths of her husband and son

6- Shame

Bergman's psychological study of how humans react in a situation of war.

7- The Seventh Seal

A knight seeks answers about life, death, and the existence of God as he plays chess against Death.

Honourable Mentions: 

Hour of the Wolf

To Joy