Wednesday, February 29, 2012

//MSC: Santifold- Disparate Youth

//VID: Leeside Skateboarding Mayhem

(Still) Failing to see the concept behind this video, I decided to put it up here just in case any sorry by-passer wanted to leave their opinion on what is going on in this very short film. Plus, there's a skateboarding dude in a banana outfit.

Leeside Skateboard Mayhem from Zenga Bros on Vimeo.


I've taken time off evil brainstorming and sound adventures today to take a good look at the news and this is what I've found:

* A Petco (Pet Grooming) in Hawaii is being sued for cutting off a dog's ear then having the balls to just glue it back on and send it home with a ribbon on its head.

*Occupy London Campers get to see the inside of a 'meat wagon' following an attack on their hangout spot outside St.Paul's Cathedral on Tuesday.

*Iranian Oil Pimps ready to be paid in gold. That's what's up.

*People being arrested in California will now have their DNA taken.

*Remains of 9/11 victims dumped in Landfill. Yanks.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

//MSC: Prefuse 73 Mix with name too dumb to try and spell

Today is weird, I take time off watching Kung Fu films and playing Wipeout only to realise not only one but two of my favorite artists have been causing significant musical molecular movement around the cybersphere. Here it is.

//TRND: Dumbass Phone Speakers

There is no reason for this. It needs to die immediately.

//MSC: New Flying Lotus on the new Hodgy Beats E.P.

I got the whole E.P. in a set here from so sit back and feast ya ears. Don't go skipping to the Lotus tracks directly like I did, even the great Alchemist has a crisp track on this.
To be very honest, I've never heard of this Hodgy Beats guy but from what I understand he's a part of the Odd Future set so I gave it a good chance. I'm surprised.

Friday, February 24, 2012

//[Terrible]MSC:Bangs-Take U To Da Movies

From what I hear, black people in Australia were well respected (something rare in the history of Afro ethnicity) until this guy fucked it all up.

Update: Just found out that this guy is amazingly old news. So I decided to upload something that isn't so old news.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

//NEWS: Anonymous-cyber attacks a regular chore now

Here they go again, making our evil organisation look dumb once again. While this blog barely updates on anything remotely villainous anymore, they step up their play with what you ask?

Reuters / David McNew

"Each and every Friday Anonymous will be launching attacks… with the specific purpose of wiping as many corrupt corporate and government systems off our internet."

Yeah, that's what.

//MSC: Command Strange- Soulmate

Command strange on future works.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

//MSC: Jose Gonzalez- Far Away

//MSC: T-White- And Again And Again

 And Again And Again by T-White

Live long Old Gold Electric Co.

//NEWS: America's Military too fat- finally time for not-shitty food

If it wasn't bad enough more than half of the country's citizens are unfit for any sort of strenuous activity (not due to any sort of age-related ailment, mind you), now it seems that the military is finally giving up on the difficult task of acquiring pants that fit for at least a quarter of the men serving. For this reason, the Pentagon has bumped America's weight problem up to Osama Bin Laden level and executive discussions are being held to get down to the bottom of what is causing all this. It's probably not the food - but that's just my opinion.

America's premiere black woman, Michelle Obama is fighting hard though. She's defying all manners of flawed logic by placing things like vegetables, fruits and other non-canned foods (remember those?) in the dietary circulation within the defense system. However, it is easy to imagine the giant food and pharmaceutical industry that is raking in billions upon billions of dollars off the prevention of such organic non-sense won't take too kindly to this and probably just find a way to pump radioactive super-fluid (or cocaine) into the foods to get service-men looking like Dragunov from 'Tekken 6'. Which isn't something I mind.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

//DOC: How Television Ruined Your Life

You should have watched this by now, if you haven't- here it is in its complete playlist. Charlie Brooker, British comedian and television analyst comments on the effects of the idiot box on the human society. Worth it.


//MSC: Blue Daisy- Spinning Channels

Lately I've been listening to a lot of Blue Daisy lately, a Madagascaranian/English producer that shoots hollow point sounds and manages to hit deep every time. I don't really understand much about how this artist came to be or where from. It certainly rolled out of nowhere for me. I had found his music among my in-depth look at Tokimonsta's discography- which is where I stumbled upon this mashup.

I got to work and by the end of the morning, I had his album 'The Sunday Gift' on repeat. When his songs are on, I'm never really around the common time-space realm. I'm drifting through his sound hive, experiencing the enchantments and the tragedies that fill these tracks. He certainly blends them all into one, and he does it so well that you forget that he's using techniques/influences/feels taken from Massive Attack, Portishead, Flying Lotus, Mala and Kode9. It feels like everything he creates is his own. It feels so natural. A large experience. An Experience I assign you to.

//VID: The Karate Rap

The 80s had too much Cocaine.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

//ECON & NEWS: Max Keiser- Butt Slapping & Spanking

I missed out on some Max's world 'expert economic and financial analysis' in the last bunch of months or so but it's nice to know the spirit hasn't rusted. This video is from about a month ago.

Here's the latest video appearance though. By the way, is it strange that I find Stacy cute? @_@

Friday, February 3, 2012

//MSC: Swampman

 This guy beats like no other I've heard in a while. Give his tracks a listen whenever you get the chance.

-long live Old Gold Electric Co.