Friday, May 17, 2013

//SPCL: Villain Of The Day- The Techno Viking

Alright, everyone should know who this dude is, if you're a complete n00bilator and you don't, it's fine. He's just this scary big dude with the most epic beard ever that got famous for being just that. However, after all these years of fame though he's suddenly dragging that same scary 'I'm-gonna-get-you' attitude from that video and directing it towards the filmer, Matthias Fritsch, that put that video out on the internet.....with lawyers!

Why Technoviking you ask? Well, after becoming one of the most memorable faces (and bodies) on the internet and basking in the fame for a few years (Despite no one really knowing who the fuck he is) you'd think he'd be a bit more grateful for having such a badass online persona. Nope, he's not, he just wants blood...and compensation money. If the Fritsch is found guilty, that dude might actually get sentenced to wiping ALL instances of the Techno Viking off the internet...hardcore. If not, I guess the Viking will just track him down and beat him into a can of anchovies.