Wednesday, June 26, 2013

//MZK: Selekta & Wallpaper- The Blunt Sinatras + Moduloktopus + Kensaye +Hectic Zeniths

Holy shit, I just realised that people have actually been sending submissions to this blog, all of which have been unseen till about a minute ago. This has been going on for months and I sincerely apologise, I let my insanity run free for about a year without checking up on the email, I left it all to one of my, now rogue, associates. So Im going to go the easy route and just blame her.

So first up we have this, rather interesting and alien-like, Trap entry from Blunt Sinatras.

Then there's electronic experimentalists Moduloktopus, who've been quite adamant at reaching out to this blog, for some unknown reason, I don't even get that many hits- but okay.

Moduloktopus- Black Bay feat. Myss Ripley (Re-Lit Jive) [Juke?/Fiddle?/???]

Of course, there's also Kensaye, one of my favorite sound-afficianados to come out of the Soulection scene.

Dwele- Hold On (Kensaye Remix) [Future Bass/Soul Trap/Rap/RnB]

Last but most definitely not least, here comes Hectic Zeniths. A very underground sound-smith worth a thousand emotions. This email is dated around three months ago so I'm very doubtful he'd appreciate a late push of this E.P. he dropped- but I'll do it anyway.

Hectic Zeniths- Neau Geste (Screwed) [Ambient/Future Bass/Lo-fi]