Sunday, July 28, 2013

//SPCL: Weapon Of The Day- The Grizzly

Ladies and gentlenerds, I present to you the future. The world's first 3D-printed weapon [Edit: not really] is here and it is as weaksauce as ever (in comparison to some other things floating around).
I mean, come on, this weapon basically operates itself

Its maker decided making Ukuleles was a bit too lame so he fashioned this almost-plastic-looking thing, used parts from....well, how about I let him explain it to you.

"I call it The Grizzly after the Canadian built Sherman Tanks of WWII. It is a single shot .22LR incorporating the coiled mainsprings of the Liberator by Defence Distributed. Like the Liberator the only metal is a 1" roofing nail."

 Even though the thing did split upon initial testing, It is still crazy that we're looking at a world where we can just be at home with a big box that prints guns.

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