Wednesday, August 14, 2013

//NWS SPCL: Weapon of the Day- Militants

I don't mean to side-rail my incredibly sophisticated and small-structured audience from the usual post-routine but I was just reading this page on analysing what a 'militant' refers to. I was curious because, honestly, I had no idea what a 'militant' was. I just had an idea of armed dudes in old clothes angrily shooting at anything that flied above where they live. So what is a 'militant' as defined by the Pentagon?
Basically all these guys.

To my surprise, a militant is actually defined as basically any guy old enough to to be able to make it into the military- which is the overwhelming majority of anyone born with a penis.
What got me really is that I've been too up-my-own-ass to realise Sam was at war with Yemen. It's not like I haven't read or heard about it happening on the news. I've, just, never really connected the line between international violence and warfare- which pretty much makes me the dumbest human on earth right?