Tuesday, September 3, 2013

//SPCL: Art Gold- Andybee & @coketheloc

In an alternative world where things that deserve praise are actually cherished, this artwork would win awards for being able to tastefully violate every rule of Illustration.

Andy B(e?) (who also sports an equally rich rap catalog) depicts his stylish orange vest, trashy hoe and a Bugatti (?) in this night-time themed composition. It would be hard to underestimate his social-standing- that is a giant pile of money after all. The whole piece is wrapped in a purplish tint with relevant lens-flare/Highlights and a thick blue 'Andy B' graffiti-styled logo slapped on top to seal the deal. I could go on for more but then I'd probably forget to mention this:

Notice how even though the top words run out of the frame, the 'new cd' text on the bottom right doesn't? That means @coketheloc was very aware of this- only adding to his cool. This, mixed in with the gang-sign he's holding up, expresses more than I could say about this gem.