Thursday, November 7, 2013

//MZK RVW: Felix Green- Green Dream EP Review [Experimental/Folk/Indie/Psychedelic]

I don't know if you’re tired of all that “overplayed pretentious hipster experimental shit”, but I am nowhere near worn out yet. Luke Loseth, the (near) god behind the pseudonym, embodies exactly what every American-Eagle-wearing Starbucks-coffee-addict would roll their eyes at. It might even make me like him more, which I am (more or less) ballsy enough to admit out loud.

Felix Green's Green Dream EP is self-explanatory; the title is simple but spot-on, perfectly capturing the images that the collection creates. The EP opens with the track “Sunkissed”, which sets the tone for the rest of the four tracks that follow. Vocals are muffled by a layer of unicorn fur and peach fuzz, wailing and surfing smoothly upon the flow of the dream-like collection of lo-fi noises. Glitchy, organic-sounding beats scuff up the pretty and fluid quality of the instrumentation.

      The second feature on the EP, “The Train Song” was definitely the most impressionable. This track encompasses everything so enjoyable about Felix Green. It feels like a continuation of the first track, but with a vibe that’s been lifted of the messiness of “Sunkissed” and achieved enlightenment. It’s the only instrumental piece of the collection; the track starts with samples of the commotion of a train ride, coughing of a little girl and snippets of conversation. This leads into the bangs and pops of what I can only imagine to be spoons being banged on tables and tapped on empty cartons of milk. These beats are set upon a flowing and messy assemblage of fuzzy ambient noises consisting of an indiscernible assortment of guitar picking and piano notes.

         After the awesomeness that encompasses the first two tracks, the EP had nowhere to go but downhill, with the last track “Channels” being the weakest of them all. But even with the excitement and originality level of the EP dipping as it goes along, “The Train Song” and “Sunkissed” save the EP from being a complete dive. Green Dream ties together different elements of experimental indie and simplistic electronic beat making into a lo-fi and low-dosage psychedelic trip worth having.